These 6 BASIC Signs Could Indicate You Have Diabetes

Many people don’t know they have a high blood sugar level until they are diagnosed with diabetes, specifically type 2. When the test is done to diagnose the disease, it is possible that it has been in the body for some time. But is it possible to detect the onset of the condition?

“When we diagnose someone, we assume they’ve probably had diabetes for about five years. During exams, a number of newly diagnosed people are already living with kidney problems and retinal problems, so they’ve had it for a while,” endocrinologist Kevin Pantalone tells the Cleveland Clinic.

The doctor explains that there are several subtle symptoms that can occur early in diabetes. See what they are below:

1. Have you been going to the bathroom more often?

Going to the bathroom more often, especially at night, can indicate that your blood sugar is out of whack. Dr. Pantalone cites a case as an example where one family member noticed the other getting up to use the bathroom in every television commercial.

2. You have frequent urinary or fungal infections

Another sign related to the urinary tract is infections. This is because, thanks to the high level of sugar in the blood, the kidneys cannot easily filter it, and the sugar remains in the urine. In a hot and humid environment the infection is certain, especially in women.

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3. You are losing weight without exercising and dieting for it

When you have diabetes, the body cannot convert glucose (sugar) into energy. Instead, it starts to burn the fat stores you have, which can lead to sudden weight loss.

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4. Your eyesight is getting bad

High blood sugar can also distort the lenses in your eyes, leaving your eyesight poor. Changes in your eyeglasses or vision prescription could be a sign of diabetes.

5. You feel very tired

Several associations can be made between extreme fatigue and diabetes or high blood sugar, including dehydration (from multiple trips to the bathroom) and even kidney damage.

6. You are noticing a different coloration in your skin

People who are diagnosed with diabetes may notice darker skin in the creases of the neck and over the knuckles. This is due to insulin resistance and is known as acantose nigricans.

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