These 6 Japanese Healthy Habits Can Help Us Live Long!

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Make you live long and slim, these 6 Japanese eating habits we can imitate!

CewekBanget.ID – The Japanese lifestyle is commonly known as an example of a healthy lifestyle, it can even make a person live long.

We know that there are many Japanese citizens who are still living beyond the age of 100.

Although there could be other genetic or biological differences that make Japanese people tend to live longer, it cannot be denied that their lifestyle also affects their age and health condition.

So, we can apply some of the habits from the Japanese lifestyle in our daily life.

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Eat Seaweed



Japanese cuisine contains a lot of nutritious plant ingredients, one of which is seaweed.

Most of these marine plants are rich in minerals, such as iodine, copper and iron, along with the beneficial antioxidants, protein, fiber and omega-3 fats, which are also found in fish.

Surely we know want dong, which is a meal in the form of seaweed used for wrapping sushi and sold in packaged snacks.

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