These are 3 Israeli Strategies to Remove Palestinian Religious Sites


TEL AVIV – Machsom Watch, an Israeli human rights group, has revealed that authority Israeli occupation uses three strategies to remove religious sites Palestine.

In a lengthy report, the rights group revealed that many Islamic sites are scattered across Israel and the occupied territories, which are named after the prophet and cleric.

Machson Watch said that pilgrims used to visit the sites to pray during religious holidays or for recovery from illness. Sometimes, they visit these places to arrange family gatherings. (Read: Israel Wants to Caplok West Bank, the Ibrahimi Mosque is Called in Danger)

However, continued Machsom Watch, since the start of the occupation, Israeli authorities have had double standards in dealing with these sites. The Zionists pay more attention to sites named after the prophets mentioned in the Torah, both in Israel and in occupied territories.

In order to remove the site and its identity, Israeli authorities declared it part of a military zone. The rights group describes these zones as settlements or areas for military training, which Palestinians cannot access.

Machsom Watch revealed that another strategy is to add these sites to nature reserves overseen by authorities protecting religious reserves and sites. (Read: Closed for Muslims, Israel allows Jews to enter the Ibrahimi Mosque)

Machsom Watch asserts that in this way, Islamic and Palestinian holy sites lose their identities by becoming unknown through the cessation of regular visits.

The third strategy is to ignore holy sites that do not have the prophet’s name mentioned in the Torah, and invest funds only in sites that are claimed to be Jewish sites.

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