These are 8 points of agreement between the residents of Sitimulyo and the DIY Regional Government regarding the Piyungan TPST – KRJOGJA

YOGYA, – The Yogyakarta Regional Government held a closed meeting with the residents of Sitimulyo to be precise, mostly 1-3 and Ngablak, Wednesday (11/5/2022). The residents were finally willing to open the entrance for a garbage truck to Piyungan, Thursday (12/5/2022) morning after agreeing on several things.

DIY Secretary, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji directly met the representatives of the residents. The closed meeting lasted a long time in Unit 8 Kepatihan, from 13.00 to 18.00 WIB.

After the meeting, Baskara Aji said that the residents were finally willing to open access roads for garbage trucks on Thursday morning. The residents decided to open it without coercion, but after the fluid dialogue that took place in Kepatihan earlier.

“We are not forced to open it and this is public awareness that it will be carried out tomorrow morning (Thursday). We talked casually throughout the meeting, there was no coercion,” he said after the meeting.

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The following are 8 points of agreement between the DIY Regional Government and the Sitimulyo residents:

1. The new land for PPP is ensured to use environmentally friendly waste processing technology

2. Optimization of the Leachate Water Treatment Plant will be completed by the PPW of the PUPR Ministry at the end of July 2022

3. Optimization of leachate outlet channels to be implemented in FY 2023,

4. A study of the need for clean water sources in Banyakan 3 and Ngablak hamlets