These are 9 Symptoms of Problems with Kidneys, said dr. Saddam Ismail, Number 4 Often Considered Trivial

MAPAY BANDUNG – In this article dr. Saddam Ismail will reveal 9 symptoms of kidney problems.

According to dr. Sadam Ismail symptoms of kidney problems can be recognized by several factors.

Before it’s too late, it would be better, continued dr. Saddam Ismail recognizes the symptoms of kidney problems.

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“If our kidneys do not work optimally, it will automatically cause a buildup of toxic wastes in our bodies,” said dr. Saddam Ismail, as quoted by through Saddam Ismail’s YouTube channel video on Friday, March 11, 2022.

Furthermore, dr. Saddam Ismail revealed about the characteristics of the problematic kidneys as follows:

1. Urine color changes

Normal urine is usually clear white, or slightly yellowish. But when there is a change in color it can indicate there is a problem with the kidneys.

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