These are Gundogan’s claims to sign for Barça

If the priorities for Barcelona are Leo Messi y Martín Zubimendinext on the list is Ilkay Gundoganmidfielder of Manchester City 32 years old, who is free at the end of the season because his contract with the English team ends. And it would be more necessary to sign him if neither of the two aforementioned objectives can come. The German international of Turkish origin is a footballer who Barça He has been following him for years, but in recent months, due to his contractual situation – he has not reached a renewal agreement with the ‘citizen’ – the Barça club has approached to be able to sign him for free.

Ilkay He likes it because he can play in all three midfield positions. He is a footballer with criteria, who has mastered possession football with Guardiola and it would fit perfectly to what you want Xavi. And also he has an arrival and a goal, something that is missing in the culé midfield. He can play inside, as a midfielder, or even as a pivot, a very valid option now that Busquets He will not continue at the Barça club next season.

He has just become a father and both he and his partner like Barcelona

Given his good season, Barça competition had come out and it seemed that his signing was cooling off because Pep Guardiola can not imagine a City without him. But in recent days, the negotiation with the Barcelona club has heated up again and the arrival of Gundogan It could be a reality because the player has shown in the last meetings with the Catalan club his predisposition to wear Barcelona. He has lowered his salary claims and Barça offers him more stability with a longer contract than the one proposed by the English.

Gundogan has not prolonged its commitment to the City because he proposes to continue year after year. Of course, with a higher file than what the Barçabut less than what you are charging now in Manchester (10.5 million net per course).

From the outset, the German wanted a salary similar to that of the English team, impossible for the Barcelona as of today, as is the financial ‘fair play’ and the wage bill. Gundoganwho has always sympathized with the Barcelona, welcomes signing his last major contract with Barça, which set a limit of 6 million euros net per season. Of course, he can offer you more years than he gives the City and the Barça contract could go until 2026 (three years), when the German turns 35. That pleases Ilkaywho has just been a father and wants to settle down and not be aware of his destiny from year to year.

To this, it is added that the German’s couple, the journalist Sara Arfaouihas been news in England for his criticism of the city of Manchester, where it has not finished adapting. Barcelona attracts them not only at a football level, but also at a family level.

Everyone pending the ‘fair play’

the blanket in Barcelona its too short. And both the Barcelona club and the current player of the Manchester City They are waiting to see the global photo of the financial ‘fair play’ that has to be given to them LaLiga in the next few days before moving forward. The agent of Gundogan is the same as that of Andreas Christensen, and knows well how the economic situation of the Catalan club is. That is why they also want guarantees that the player will be able to be registered and they do not want to take any risk.

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