These are the 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2021 according to Forbes

Every year, business magazine Forbes comes up with a top 10 richest list, ranging from football players, artists, celebrities. But also the new generation: TikTok stars and YouTubers. Forbes has sorted out the top 10 highest earning YouTubers worldwide.

We come across figures like MrBeast who make high-quality videos and put a lot of financial resources into them, but also, for example, a channel run by an individual who simply plays games. There are even children on the list who test different types of toys through their parents and become filthy rich with them.

10 highest paid YouTubers of 2021

Forbes has based the estimated earnings on the basis of the past calendar year and on data from SocialBlade, Captiv8 and Pollstar. Taxes and any legal fees are not included. In addition, in terms of names, the list is a lot different from that of 2020. Anyway, let’s start with number 10.

10. Preston Arment – ​​($16 million)

Preston Arment is a 25-year-old Christian YouTuber residing in Texas. He has won a large audience and has multiple channels with millions of subscribers. His channel ‘Preston’ has the most subscribers: 18.8 million. Not a day goes by that a video of his is not viewed at least 1 million times. His most viewed video is good for 61 million views.

9. Logan Paul – ($ 18 million)

We don’t really need to introduce Logan Paul to Pure Luxe anymore. Despite very few uploads on his YouTube channel, he is apparently interesting enough to revisit his old videos. The best man has a number of different currents with which he gets his living. Pockets full, indeed, because with his 23.3 million subscribers on YouTube with at least 5.5 million views on his lowest video, we can conclude that he is doing very well.

8. Dude Perfect – ($20 million)

Who hasn’t seen it? Dude Perfect has been an established name in the YouTube scene for years and the team behind it of the five gentlemen have timeless videos on their channel that can be viewed every day. The trickshot videos that the men make are viewed millions of times and the men have been keeping this up for a good 12 years. They are currently at 57 million subscribers. Their most viewed video, “Water Bottle Flip 2”, has been viewed 412 million times at the time of writing.

7. Ryan Kaji – ($ 27 miljoen)

Ryan’s World is the name of Ryan Kaji’s YouTube channel run by his stepsister and parents. The 10-year-old male has 31.4 million subscribers. A new video comes online almost every day. These videos are almost all sponsored. In his videos he reviews toys which are then donated to charity. The target group is defined by Wikipedia for children aged 2 to 6. His most viewed video has been viewed no less than 2 billion times.

6. Nastya – ($28 miljoen)

We just had to deal with a young man but of course a cute girl cannot be missed in this list. In fact, she does much the same as Kaji, but with Barbie dolls and other girls’ toys. The Russian girl is only seven years old and has 86 million subscribers on YouTube. Her best video has been viewed 899 million times.

5. Rhett and Link ($ 30 miljoen)

Rhett and Link have become wildly popular along with their YouTube talk show through their channel ‘Good Mythical Morning’. For example, the two gentlemen make a new video almost every day that is viewed on average 750,000 times. The sporadic collaborations also play a large part in this. Their best video has been viewed 31 million times.

4. Markiplier – ($ 38 million)

Markiplier has been active on YouTube since 2012 and is still one of the best known and apparently also one of the highest paid. His videos are viewed very well and the best man also calmly uploads one video a day in which he plays games 9 out of 10 times. His most viewed video is called “MEOW” and has 345 million views. Incidentally, his second most watched video has WOOF. Sounds like educational content doesn’t it?

3. Unspeakable – ($ 38.5 miljoen)

Unspeakable is a YouTube channel of Nathan Johnson Graham where he uses his videos to prank his friends, drive beautiful cars, do crazy challenges and just have fun. At least that’s how he describes it himself. He has a total of 13 million subscribers on YouTube and his income mainly comes from collaborations with large companies, such as Lego. His most viewed video was uploaded two years ago and has 53 million views at the time of writing.

Jake Paul – ($ 45 million)

The only difference Jake and Logan Paul have in terms of YouTube content is that Jake Paul is much more active on the platform than Jake Paul. He mainly focuses on content surrounding his boxing match against Tyron Woodley and his previous match against Ben Askran. His brother Logan focuses more on Pokémon card videos and the occasional teaser for his third boxing fight against KSI.

1. MrBeast – ($54 million)

Of course, MrBeast tops this list. The content Jimmy Donaldson creates on his YouTube is of crazy quality and a lot of money and time is invested. His most recent viral is without a doubt the Squid Game video where he literally mimicked the entire Netflix series including the prize pool. This video currently sits at 205 million views and has only been online for a month. That also immediately makes it the most viewed video on its main channel.

In addition, he also has a second channel that is running well, namely: ‘MrBeast Gaming’, on which a video is uploaded every week that is viewed at least 10 million times.

It all started for him with a video where he counted from 0 to 100,000 for 48 hours. That gave him a lot of audience and since then MrBeast has pretty much played out the YouTube scene. That also makes him the deserved number 1 on this list. It won’t matter much to him, because he himself has always said that he doesn’t want to earn the most, but just want to produce the best content on YouTube. He succeeded quite well.