These are the 10 most exciting start-ups from New York – The slightly different personal assistant

Marcos Jimenez Belenguer (Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist), Dennis R. Mortensen (Co-Founder, CEO), Matt Casey (Co-Founder, CTO) und Alex Poon (Co-Founder, COO)

Tired of hours of e-mail ping pong to coordinate an appointment? “Amy” takes on these tasks and communicates like a human – she is a computer. Equipped with the appointment diaries and the preferred meeting places of her customers, she does not give up until the meeting is over. So human that she has even been sent flowers and chocolate.

Segment: productivity
Founded: 2014
Employee: 70
Financing: $ 34.3 million in 3 rounds

Playbuzz – The reinvention of digital storytelling

Shaul Olmert (Co-Founder, CEO) und Tom Pachys (Co-Founder, CPO)

The digital platform enables authors and publishers worldwide to create appealing content with interactive formats, to expand their own storytelling possibilities and to recognize the preferences of their users with innovative analysis tools. Playbuzz partners include Unilever, The Huffington Post, MTV, Ford, The Telegraph, and American Express. With three funding rounds, ten formats and seven offices around the globe, the focus is now on expanding into the APAC region and expanding their range of sponsored content.

Segment: Digital media
Founded: 2012
Employee: 122
Financing: $ 31 million in 4 rounds

Percolate – The software made by marketers for marketers

Noah Brier (Co-Founder, CEO)

With its all-in-one platform, Percolate supports successful multi-channel marketing. From simple content creation to measuring campaign impact, the software makes it possible to make every step of marketing smarter and faster. Percolate is one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies and is used by more than 800 consumer brands worldwide.

Segment: Marketing
Founded: 2011
Employee: 250
Financing: $ 74.5 million in 4 rounds


Attention start-ups: based on the Vox format “Die Höhle der Löwen” (DHDL), start-ups can present their business ideas at the German Media Congress (DMK). The jurors on site are Ralf Dümmel, Managing Director of DS Produkte, Philipp Westermeyer, Head of Online Marketing Rockstars, Axel Menneking from the Telekom incubator Hubraum and Marc Schröder, Managing Director RTL Interactive. Companies that are not older than five years can take part in the preselection, can describe their business idea in a maximum of five sentences and have not yet received funding from any of the jury members or their companies. Application by mail with the subject DHDL @ DMK to the HORIZONT editor-in-chief Volker Schütz ([email protected]).

theSkimm – The easy way to stay up to date

Danielle Weisberg (Co-Founder, Co-CEO) und Carly Zakin (Co-Founder, Co-CEO)

Former NBC News producers Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg founded theSkimm from their couch in 2012. Her daily newsletter reinvents the idea of ​​breakfast television and changes the way young women consume news. With more than 4 million active subscribers, The Daily Skimm is the fastest growing email newsletter on the market. theSkimm recently announced the launch of Skimm Studios, marking its upcoming expansion into the video space. The two founders have already received numerous awards, including being named “30 Under 30 in Media” by Forbes.

Segment: Digital media
Founded: 2012
Employee: 35
Financing: $ 16.3 million in 3 rounds

ActionIQ – The solution to marketers’ biggest problem

Tasso Argyros (Co-Founder, CEO) und Nitay Joffe (Co-Founder, CTO)

Every entrepreneur should ask himself: Am I getting the most out of my data? Too often the answer to this question is “no”. ActionIQ is changing that with its Marketing Activation Platform. While the big marketing clouds take in only one percent of customer data and interactions, ActionIQ offers the only solution that processes 100 percent of customer data, analyzes it at unprecedented speed and enables marketing campaigns to be carried out in hours – all without anyone having to call from IT. The platform is the fastest way to connect all digital and offline data, to get insights into customer behavior and to connect the results directly to marketing applications.

Segment: Big Data
Founded: 2014
Employee: 35
Financing: not published

NKF Summit
Tomorrow tech start-ups and traditional companies will come together in Berlin for the NKF Summit, where, among other things, discussions will be held about the possible synergies between start-ups and corporates. More than 25 experts will be present, including Christoph Keese, Executive Vice President at Axel Springer, Florian Heinemann, partner at Project A Ventures and Sascha van Holt, CEO of Seven Ventures. Spontaneous people can look forward to

Register at

White Ops – Fighting criminal bots in the dark corners of the internet

Michael Tiffany (Co-Founder, CEO), Eddie Schwartz (President, COO) und Tamer Hassan (Co-Founder, CTO)

White Ops declares war on cyber criminals who cavort in the dark corners of the Internet, more precisely: bots that nestle undetected on ordinary computers, take control of the Internet browser and allegedly look at online advertisements. A scam that can be expensive for advertisers. White Ops has developed a technology that verifies whether digital advertisements were actually viewed by people or only by maliciously controlled bots.

Segment: Cyber Security
Founded: 2012
Employee: 60
Financing: $ 33 million in 2 rounds

Mic – Rethinking the World

Jake Horowitz (Co-Founder, Editor-at-large) and Chris Altchek (Co-Founder, CEO) von Mic.

The news provider from and for the digital generation has a mission: to help young people understand the rapidly changing world. Mic reaches 65 million millennials in the US and more than 100 million people worldwide with its monthly coverage. The news portal offers information and entertainment on the topics that will shape the future. In 2016 Mic sharpened its editorial profile with the latest stories about the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the presidential campaign, increased sales by over 250 percent and doubled its workforce. For the coming year, Mic plans to double its video offerings, significantly expand its newsroom and develop its advertising business.

Segment: Digital media
Founded: 2011
Employee: 160
Financing: $ 32 million in 4 rounds

Pebblepost – The new combination of online activities and personalized direct mail

Tom Gibbons (Co-Founder, VP Product Experience & Design), Lewis Gersh (Co-Founder, CEO) und Rob Victor (Co-Founder, CTO)

A well-known scenario: When shopping online, you put a blue and a striped shirt in the shopping cart, but then you are unsure and leave them there, unsought. This is exactly where PebblePost comes in: One or two days later, a personalized postcard is in the mailbox, offering the recipient a 10 percent discount on these shirts. Your Programmatic Direct Mail evaluates real-time activities on the Internet and converts them into personalized direct mail by post.

Founded: 2015
Segment: Marketing
Financing: $ 8 million in 2 rounds
Employee: 20

Crowdtangle – The easiest way to keep track of social media

Brandon Silverman (Co-Founder, CEO)

CrowdTangle is one of the leading social analytics tools in the world. The platform makes it easier for publishers to discover and track content and measure their success on social media. Her clients include companies as diverse as the New York Times, BuzzFeed, Real Madrid and Facebook. In the coming years, the team plans to focus on developing solutions for publishers that are not only geared towards growing the social media audience, but also monetising this area.

Segment: Social media
Founded: 2013
Employee: 17
Financing: $ 2.2 million in one round

Bluecore – The Future of Ecommerce Marketing

Max Bennet (Co-Founder, VP of Product), Mahmoud Arram (Co-Founder, CTO) und Fayez Mohamood (Co-Founder, CEO)

With Bluecore (originally TriggerMail) e-commerce companies can react quickly and easily to behavioral and product data of their customers. Your automation software very quickly evaluates large amounts of customer data in order to send the right emails to the consumer at the right time. Backed by FirstMark Capital and Georgian Partners, Bluecore is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in New York. Bluecore works with more than 200 customers representing more than 325 consumer brands.
Segment: Marketing
Founded: 2013
Employee: 100
Financing: $ 27 million in 2 rounds

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