These are the 50 best festival shows of summer 2022

Goldband’s show at Lowlands was historic in all sorts of ways. How often does a Dutch band with only a debut album get such a slot in the Alpha? How often did an act so horribly fill the mainstage so early in the day that it was even crowded on the surrounding hills? How often have you seen an act that felt so happening, with so many strong hits in a row, that everyone roared along from intro to outro?

We just want to say: no act gave such an epic show this festival summer as Goldband at Lowlands. We saw momentum, camaraderie, a little too much nonsense on stage, the feeling that they probably couldn’t resist going a little too fast on Friday night and therefore were just as crispy as the people in front of them. That Karel also tore out of his pants while he… wasn’t wearing any underwear?… was a nice icing on the cake.

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