These are the actors of the telenovela “Rebelde” who have already passed away

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More than three decades ago, it premiered on the Mexican small screen Rebel, one of the most famous youth soap operas in television history that catapulted the sextet of leading men to stardom: Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann, Alfonso Herrera, Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez.

Despite being a remake of Argentine production Rebelde Way, the adaptation produced by Pedro Damián became an international phenomenon and surpassed the original by winning the hearts of a generation of young people around the world.

But as everything must end, after three unforgettable seasons that shook the youth of the time, two years of transmission, a series of exciting stories and endearing characters that conquered the public, the “rebel” adventure came to an end in June 2006.

Currently, 14 years after the farewell of the students of the exclusive Elite Way School of television, some members of the cast have logically changed in all aspects of their lives, while others have said goodbye forever.

The actors of Rebel who have passed away in recent years

Although some actors from Rebel died during the years after the novel’s completion, the impeccable work they did on this project and the memory of their characters keeps them alive in the audience that treasures them with affection regardless of the magnitude of their participation. These are the actors of the unforgettable drama that unfortunately passed away:

Lourdes Canal

During the three seasons of Televisa’s fiction, the first actress played ‘Hilda Acosta ‘, a history teacher who at the beginning stood out for her bad attitude towards students, but later ended up approaching them until she was their ally.

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Sadly, the eternal ‘Professor Hilda’ died on August 8, 2012 at the age of 78. According People in spanish, the causes of his death were not specified.

The news caused great sadness in show business and The exRBD did not stop expressing their condolences and regret after learning of the fact.

“I was very sad to learn that Lourdes Canale passed away. I loved her very much and I know that she loved me too, you have to send her a lot of light”, Said Dulce María, who played ‘Roberta Pardo’ in Rebel, via Twitter.

Jacqueline Voltaire

The interpreter and model born in England but nationalized as Mexican was in charge of impersonating the mother of ‘Victoria Paz Millán’, the role she played Angelique Boyer. This character was crazy and, in addition to having problems with ‘Vico’, he constantly fought with his ex-husband; highlighted RCN.

Unfortunately, After two long years of a battle against skin cancer and just 59 years old, Voltaire passed away in April 2008 in a hospital in Mexico City where she had been admitted for several days. The artist acted for the last time that year in the novel Palabra de mujer.

Pedro Weber

The famous comedian fell in love with the young spectators of Rebel by embodying the beloved ‘Peter’, the butler and great henchman of Mia Colucci, the role that Anahí personified.

Unfortunately, the actor, known as ‘Chatanuga’ in the artistic world, passed away in March 2016 due to heart and lung failure; reported The universal. She was 82 years old.

Abraham Stavans

The first actor got into the skin of ‘Joel Huber’, the father of ‘Nico Huber’, who was the first great love of the tender ‘Lupita’.

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Let us remember that the character Joel was Jewish and suffered from health complications. He also wanted his son to marry the daughter of his best friend and childhood sweetheart to secure his business.

This actor and theater director, also known for his performance in The boy of 8, lost his life in March last year at the age of 86. Her son spread the news through social networks but did not reveal the causes.

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