These are the most feared weapons in El Koki’s deadly arsenal

Weapons of war with the power to neutralize armored vehicles and that should be under the control of the military forces was seized at Cota 905.

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In the capture of Cota 905 after two days of fierce confrontations, Venezuelan police forces seized some of the the most feared weapons in the arsenal of the criminal Carlos Revete gang, known as El Koki.

Finally, the weapons of war with which the dangerous criminal organization kept the security forces at bay for years come to light.

The internationalist Andrei Serbin Pont, an expert in security and defense issues, helped to elucidate the type of weapons seized by the police.

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Fusil Barrett M99

The Barret M99 rifle .50 caliber is perhaps the weapon that caused the most damage to police forces in his fights with the El Koki gang.

It’s about a single shot rifle, not automatic, but with great precision and range. (The one captured from the criminal organization is in the main photo of this article).

The weapon employs the powerful .50 ammunition capable of dealing damage to armored vehicles used by the Venezuelan security forces.

It is very likely that this weapon was responsible for the attack on a FAES VN-4 armored vehicle last April. The unit rreceived visible impacts while trying to help other police officers attacked on the highway from Cota 905. The attack was recorded on video.

One of the communications that the criminals had with the police yesterday would prove that. In audios broadcast on social networks, criminals are heard threatening to use “la 50” (in reference to the caliber of the ammunition) against armored vehicles. He warned that the driver would be shot.

These are the most feared weapons in El Koki's deadly arsenal

Last April, this FAES vehicle entered the El Cementerio area to assist other police officers who were cornered by the firepower of the El Koki gang. On the windshield of the vehicle you can see what would be the effects of the gunshots.

An M20 Super bazooka (antitank)

The M20 Super-Bazooka anti-tank rocket launcher It was developed towards the end of the Second World War and has been used in various military conflicts. It was part of the armament of the armies of Canada, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and some others.

Although El Koki posed for photographs with that weapon, there is no evidence that it was used. According to Serbin Pont’s observations, it is likely that the rocket launcher in possession of the band of Cota 905 was out of service, unable to use.

Another possibility considered by the expert is that they have not had access to ammunition which uses the so-called «super bazooka». In the photographs released so far, the projectiles that this powerful weapon could use are not reported.

This is the M20 Super Bazooka rocket launcher seized from El Koki. Previously, the criminal had exhibited it in photographs that went viral on social networks.

The well-known FAL and AK 103

These are the most feared weapons in El Koki's deadly arsenal

The rifles of the Venezuelan military forces have been widely reported in the possession of criminal groups. Since the narco-terrorists from the FARC dissidents allied with Maduro to mega-gangs such as Cota 905.

The AK103 became the official weapon of the Venezuelan militarys in the early 2000s.

The first batch of 30,000 rifles arrived in Venezuela in 2006, were part of a purchase of more than 100,000 ordered from Russia along with their ammunition. A project to install a factory for these weapons in Venezuela remains unsolved.

AK-103s replace FALs Belgian (light assault rifle) acquired in the 1950s. These weapons, the Chavista authorities said at the time, were going to be “kept” to be handed over to the reserve.

The FALs were also seen in action at Cota 905. And recently one of those rifles was linked to the attack on Colombian President Iván Duque’s helicopter.

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