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Instagram popular, but TikTok is missing

We already concluded last year that Instagram is the most popular medium at almost all clubs. That development has continued. Only VV Alkmaar has a few hundred more followers on Facebook than on Instagram. The popularity of Instagram among the followers of women’s football is partly due to the relatively young fan base of women’s football in the Netherlands. For many supporters, Instagram is the channel. But to appeal to even more fans, it would be a good move to become active on TikTok as well.

No club in the Pure Energie Eredivisie Women currently has a TikTok channel that focuses on women. Really a missed opportunity. At some (big) clubs, something about the women is sporadically posted on the main account, but this does not seem to have a structural character.

Incidentally, the Pure Energie Eredivisie Women itself is active on TikTok. However, there is no clear line to be discovered yet. We have to wait for the first club to take the step. Hopefully we can also include TikTok in the calculation in this social media overview next year.

Header photo: Photo Ajax/ Bastiaan Heus

Below is a complete overview of the number of followers of the clubs from the Pure Energie Eredivisie Women on social media. Figures as of January 21, 2022.