These are the new emojis coming to Facebook

Have new list of emojis coming soon to Facebook for all. The most important social network in the world has been welcoming for some time a series of emojis that have been gradually incorporated, the difference now is that everyone will have them.

That is to say, that heThe 31 new emojis had been accessible to a certain group of peoplebut now they will be deployed to all Facebook users, and will be available on the social network’s website, and also in the corresponding mobile apps.

In this case all those who arrive are new, so there is no renewal as it usually happens in other cases, for example, when we see the arrival of new emojis to WhatsApp, some are new and there is also an update to improve the appearance of some others.

Let’s see the list of emojis that you could start seeing soon on Facebook web and in apps for iOS and Android from the social network:

  1. Hand to the right or left in different skin tones.
  2. Shaky face.
  3. Blue Heart.
  4. Pink heart.
  5. gray heart.
  6. Angel wings.
  7. Cuervo.
  8. Goose.
  9. Medusa.
  10. Elk.
  11. Burro.
  12. Hyacinth flower.
  13. Ginger.
  14. Pea pod.
  15. Fan.
  16. Hair crochet.
  17. Maracas.
  18. Flute.
  19. WiFi symbol.
  20. Symbol Khanda.

These emojis are those of the Unicode 15.0 list, the same emojis that will arrive on the iPhone when the iOS 16.4 update is available, which will be in a few weeks. So, on Facebook they have been arriving since February and you will be able to use them all in the coming weeks and months.

They will not only be available in the different Facebook apps, They will also come to Messenger, the messaging app that allows you to chat with your contacts on the social network. If you still don’t have them, it’s a matter of waiting some time yet for you to have them ready to use.

In short, this is the list of emojis coming soon to Facebook everyoneHowever, we will continue to see how more are added, because we already have another attractive list of emojis that should arrive in 2024, which will arrive under the Unicode 15.1 standard.

What does each emoji mean?