These are the passwords you should not use … never!


Mexico City- Saving the privacy of the data when surfing the Internet depends a lot on a good password, since otherwise, any cybercriminal or an ordinary person can have access to that information.

According to the cybersecurity company ESET, the worst passwords used by users in the world are 123456, password, 123456789, 12345678, 12345, 111111, 1234567, sunshine, qwerty, iloveyou, princess, admin, welcome, 666666, abc123 , football and 123123.

In that order you can also find: monkey, 654321, [email protected]# $% ^ & *, charlie, aa123456, donald, password1 qwerty123, all of them are very used by netizens of the countries of the world, however, they have something in common: they are very vulnerable.

It should be noted that recently, a study conducted by the National Cybersecurity Center of the United Kingdom (NCSC) revealed that password 123456 appeared in more than 23 million filtered accounts.

The center analyzed public databases of filtered accounts to study the words, phrases or strings that users throughout the world use most when preparing their passwords; thus, one of the main data that the analysis showed is that 23.2 million filtered accounts used 123456 as a password.

In that sense, the head of the Research Laboratory of ESET Latin America, Camilo Gutiérrez, stressed that this type of reports reflect the lack of awareness of the risks associated with the use of weak passwords and the consequences this may have for privacy and care of personal information.

Talking about a "strong password" or a "strong password" refers to those that have a considerable extension and have symbols, uppercase, lowercase and even numbers, he added.

To have a password that is not so vulnerable, advise using long phrases and include numbers, do not reuse old passwords, create a different password for each account, change password phrases periodically and use a reliable password manager.



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