These are the physical consequences of excessive cell phone use

The cell phone has become a tool that solves communication needs in people and, for each person, a mobile phone has different functions. However, living pending the technological device is something that is experienced on a day-to-day basis and that may not be so positive for health.

According to a study in the United States, more than 200 times is the amount a user looks at their cell phone; “once every four and a half minutes”, which is why fitness is compromised.

Although it is true that the cell phone is already part of daily activities and is considered an element with “its own memory”, its use must be conscious. If not, there are reasons why physical consequences appear causing risks, such as:

1. Emotional picture: It is no secret to anyone that the cell phone has interfered in the life of the human being to the point where it affects the way they act before others. That is why research from the University of Gothenburg says that Excessive use of the mobile phone produces stress, sleep disorders and depression.

To arrive at this type of consideration, the experts analyzed the number of messages and calls sent by the sample of people who participated, this is how a “dependency” was discovered that impacts emotions and physical manifestations.

Occupational health specialists from RP Salud point out that it is necessary to move away from the cell phone at key moments such as when eating lunch or talking to someone.

Chronic stress can trigger other types of diseases. – Foto: Getty Images

2. Cancer: One of the manifestations that could occur in the body due to the excessive use of technological devices is cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) does not rule out the idea that cell phones are possibly carcinogenic, because they have radiofrequency fields. However, further research is still needed to fully determine the consequences.

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In that sense, specialists recommend not sleeping with the cell phone under the pillow.

3. Bacteria: Microorganisms and bacteria are everywhere, only due to their tiny size they cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope. One of the objects that stores the greatest amount of bacteria is the cell phone, since, as its use is constant, the device is exposed to endless contaminants. Several studies have come to share that the cell phone has more bacteria than the toilet, “they can accumulate up to 10,000 germs per square centimeter”, detail occupational doctors.

The most advisable thing is to clean the cell phone periodically and try to wash your hands after each use.

4. Chronic pain: The position with which the cell phone is held plays a fundamental role in avoiding feeling ailments. According to experts, the 15-degree tilt that we make when talking on the phone increases the weight up to 14 kilograms, this causes the neck to become tense and physical pain is experienced, such as spine and back. To prevent this type of physical affectation, the use of headphones or hands-free is a good alternative.

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These types of ailments can be caused by excessive use of the cell phone. Photo: Getty Images – Foto: Getty Images

5. Eyestrain: exposure to light and other factors compromise the visual organ. The cell phone is a double-edged sword because despite the fact that it has contributed to the information and development of the human being, it has also impacted eye health.

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body, but they can be seen deteriorated with the mobile phone, since characteristics such as small print, exposure to light and systematization of the action of observing the device cause digital visual fatigue, according to the Madrid Ocumeed Ophthalmological Clinic.

Tired woman looking her eye bags in the bathroom.
Visual health is essential to carry out daily practices. Photo: Getty Images. – Foto: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In conclusion, it is advisable to make a conscious use of the cell phone and if you experience changes or physical discomfort, change the habits given by the manipulation of technologies, in addition to attending a medical consultation.