These are the Portuguese cities with the cheapest diesel and gasoline. Hypermarkets continue to charge the lowest prices

Braga, Castelo Branco and Santarém recorded the lowest diesel and gasoline prices in August, reveals the Fuel and LPG Market Bulletin issued by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE).

On the other hand, Bragança, Beja, Lisbon and Faro are the Portuguese cities where fuels were sold at the highest prices.

According to the same bulletin, hypermarkets continue to present the most competitive offers: 2.0% lower than low cost segment operators and 7.2% lower than service stations operating under the banner of an oil company, representing a difference of 12.5 cents per liter.

Also during August, gasoline 95 with additives cost consumers on average 2.5% more than gasoline 95. “The increase due to additivation was more pronounced in gasoline 98 (about 5.2%), as usual in the national market”, explains ERSE.

The price of simple diesel decreased (-0.7%) in August, following the behavior observed in the international quotation.

The largest share of the price paid by the consumer corresponds to the tax component (53%), followed by the value of the international quotation and shipping (28%) and the sales margin (16%

With regard to LPG (butane and propane), the most affordable prices were recorded in Bragança, Vila Real, Viana do Castelo and Braga

LPG was sold at the highest prices in Coimbra, Setúbal, Beja, Lisbon and Faro.

“Taxes and the sales margin represent around 58.2% of the price borne by the consumer. The quotation and freight component increased 0.1% in the composition of PVP compared to July. The tax component, on the other hand, decreased by 0.8% compared to the previous month”, explains the bulletin.

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According to ERSE’s monthly analysis, in August, the average selling price to the public (PVP) of simple gasoline 95 registered a slight update (+0.2%) compared to the average PVP recorded in July.

“The drop seen in international gasoline prices was offset by the upward revision of some price components, such as the incorporation of biofuels”, explains the regulator.

See the full bulletin here