These are the rudest cities in Spain, according to a study

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When choosing the destination of a trip in national territory or where we would like to live, we usually take many factors into account. From now on, we also have something quite revealing at our disposal: a study that determines which are the rudest cities in Spain.

It has been carried out by the Preply company, and also shows the kindest and most generous localities in the country. The conclusions, surely, will create discrepancies among the inhabitants of the cities that lead this new classification.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the first place of the rudest cities in Spain

According to this study, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is placed in the first place one of the rudest cities in Spain. According to those surveyed, some of the causes are “not slowing down when driving near pedestrian areas with pedestrians” or “being noisy in public”.

The island town is followed by Granada. The causes, “not letting other cars pass when there is traffic”, “being rude to the service personnel” or “skipping the queue”, for example. They complete the classification Alicante-Elche in third place, San Sebastián, Bilbao.

Besides, The most educated city in Spain according to this study is Vigo. The largest town in Galicia, famous for its beaches (and its millions of LEDs), leads a ranking in which it is placed ahead of its neighbors A Coruña-Oleiros-Arteixo, while Valencia waits in third position. Behind, Murcia-Orihuela and the main Asturias: Oviedo-Gijón-Avilés.

What do you think of this study? Do you agree?

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