These are the security measures to follow in casinos and shopping centers that reopen in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

incentive, and now expect a

new date.

patricia: let’s change the subject, to

from today you can return

people to casinos now

commercial entities in the

new york city as long as

when with certain


our partner elian zidane

He tells us what rules we must


reporter: good afternoon.

indeed, after many

weeks of being closed,

oy finally the casinos in

the shopping centers in the

new york state will return to

receive your customers, under

strict measures of

biosecurity, it was the

governor of this state who

noted that thanks to

New Yorkers’ efforts,

to avoid the spread of

coronavirus, today you can

reopen shopping centers

to 5% of its capacity, and

casinos at 25%.

both casinos and

shopping malls must count

with a suitable air center

in both established, the use

mask and

physical distancing from al

minus six feet was mandatory.

inside the casinos I don’t know

allowed board games, not

be that the

metaphysical distance, and

players have barriers of


measurement services

gambling is prohibited, of

same way the measurements

interior of centers

commercials and

unnecessary congregations

they are not being


univisón 41 news led to

the outskirts of the center

commercial paraconocer qé opina

our community about

reopening of these


as long as they have all the

processes, do all the

cleanings and have control

of the people, I think it’s okay

for the economy, but if they don’t go

to have all those accesses …

for i I think it is

prudent, we must not

trust, we believe that everything is

happening, it contagious us, it was

something painful.

I think it is prudent, taking


reporter: the decision of

reopen casinos in the

shopping malls here in the

New York State Surge

after the index of

contagion has remained for

several consecutive weeks for

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