These are the three “Lyyche”

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Basel pre-Carnival

Sport and politics: These are the three “Lyyche” at the Zofingerconzärtli 2023

Esther Keller, Roger Federer and Gianni Infantino are at the center of the pre-Carnival event. Tickets are available from Saturday.

The Zofingerconzärtli is one of the highlights for the Zofingia Basel.

Image: Roland Schmid

On Thursday, February 9th, the Zofingerconzärtli starts the new season. The pre-Carnival event organized by the Zofingia Basel student association will be performed three times. The other performances will take place on February 10th and 11th.

Benjamin Fäh, President of this year’s Zofingerconzärtli, and Benjamin Sarasin, director of the Conzärtli, clarified one of the most important questions in the media orientation. The three «Lyyche» are well known.

In the 2023 edition, former tennis player Roger Federer, government councilor Esther Keller (GLP) and Fifa President Gianni Infantino become “Lyyche”. The three celebrities are thus at the center of the Conzärtli and are imitated by three actors on stage.

At least the government council is in the audience

“The three ‘Lyyche’ caused a stir last year,” says Sarasin. Roger Federer announced his retirement as a professional athlete. There was a lot going on in Esther Keller’s construction and transport department and Gianni Infantino caused a lot of conversation with the World Cup in Qatar and his speeches, adds Sarasin.

Traditionally, the three “Lyyche” get a takeover for the performances. Roger Federer becomes “Wotsch’e Red odr”. Eshter Keller is called “Sister Faller” in the performances and the Valais FIFA President Giani Infantino is given the name “Money Infam-drigo”.

Of the three celebrities, government councilor Esther Keller has already agreed to attend a performance. Nothing is known about the other two. “That can still change,” says Sarasin with a smile.

Tickets are available from the IWB

The posters will be put up by members of the association on the night of January 28th. Traditionally, advance sales for the performances also start with this poster campaign under the name “Mordnacht”.

Tickets can be purchased from January 28th to February 8th at the IWB City Center in Steinenvorstadt. The Basel energy supplier is making its premises available for the event. Students and schoolchildren can purchase discounted tickets. People who still attend school or university save ten francs. The discounted tickets are only available at the box office.

The performances of the oldest pre-Fasnacht event in Basel take place in the Congress Center at Messeplatz. The San Francisco hall will be converted into a stage for the three evenings. The performances start at 8 p.m.

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