These are the tops & flops from Frankfurt

The region’s gastro critics are back: The 33rd edition of the restaurant guides “Frankfurt Geht Aus” and “Rhein-Main Geht Aus” has been published. After the flop list was completely dispensed with last year due to the corona crisis, “this time there was no reason to hide horse and rider.”

Frankfurt Goes Out 2022: These are the flops

One restaurant category in particular was heavily panned: No less than four steakhouses shocked the testers and “literally made a knife and fork freeze in their hands”. Quote: “There has never been anything like this before”. Right at the front: That Miller & Carter: “Lobster sauce? It tastes like canned sauce, ”the testers state.

As fast as you climb, you also fall again: If the steaks were in the The Ash Highly praised in the previous edition, this year’s performance in terms of taste and appearance was buried with the laconic phrase “Ashes to Ashes”.

The visit to the classic M Steakhouse couldn’t cope with the grief either. On the contrary: It left the testers sadder than ever, as they have only been used to first-class quality from this house: the meat in “supermarket quality” is perfectly fried, but is “bathed in a pool of fat” and is “on the palate” boring, even disappointing ”.

It was almost funny in the Place in the heart – It would have “not tasted so bad” there. The grilled vegetables are “mushy mush”, the lobster “completely over-cooked” – and these are just a few of the acts described that belong to the drama show.

Frankfurt Goes Out 2022: Service & Hygiene Flops

Dramatic scenes also played out when visiting the Three stripes who, according to their own statements, serve “Frankfurt’s most delicious sandwiches”: The floor was so slippery from the frying steam that the testers hardly dared to get cutlery from the self-service basket at the counter – which was also dirty.

The one that left a lasting impression on the testers Curry Club. Not a single one wanted to visit the Indian restaurant near the Konstablerwache in the first place: This was not only due to the fact that nobody there was wearing mouth and nose protection, but also because of the “unfriendly greeting”.

Frankfurt Goes Out: The Winners 2022

Of course, there are also restaurants that delighted the testers: The undisputed number 1 on the Rhein-Main Exclusive list remains Lafleur with star chef Andreas Krolik. The first place on the Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt Exklusiv list goes to the restaurant, which has luckily reopened Duck in the Nassauer Hof.

New star of the trendy kitchen: Masaru Oae with his Masa Japanese Cuisine. This is the “most exciting new opening this year”. The head chef would “cook his country kitchen to unimagined heights”. # 1 in both the Japanese and the Asian Fine Dining list.

New star of the scene kitchen – chef Masaru Oae with his Masa Japanese Cuisine.

Other frontrunners: Transdo, Trares, homeland, Stein’s Traube, Olbrick, 360°, Franziska, Pankratz, Bar Shuka and Seven Swans.

Tops in different categories

Nice kitchen: Flavors
Italy: Carmelo Greco
Pizza alla Mamma: At Tomilaia’s House

The best pizza in town: Pizzeria Olbia
Argentina: Argentine cuisine
Germany: Bornheimer Ratskeller

Apfelwein: At home in the Lorsbacher Thal
If: Ganesha
China: Good 78

Sushi: Okame
Eating at the producer: The Adlerwirtschaft Franz Keller in Hattenheim
Veggie & Vegan Trend: Bright red
Burger: Heroes Premium Burger
Bowls & Salads: U Bowl
breakfast: Café Heimelig
Coffeecake: Caféhaus Siesmayer
Dinner after midnight: Pino