these are the vaccines of the future against COVID-19

Until now, coronavirus vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and AstraZeneca have been the weapons to fight the pandemic. Thanks to them, the health system has not collapsed again, because prevent serious illness and deaths.

The next to arrive will be those of Novavax y Sanofi. Vaccines that, like the Spanish company Hipraare protein-based, as are vaccines such as Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus. Specifically, these three vaccines are based on protein S, which the virus uses to flood cells.

However, there are currently more than a hundred coronavirus vaccine projects that they will go further. In this sense, the CSIC researcher Margarita del Val advances that those that have more proteins will allow “achieve stronger cellular immunity, in addition to that of antibodies that induces protein S “and”stronger protection against infection“.

Some of them will achieve such protection that they will cut virus transmission, such as the Spanish vaccine developed by scientists Luis Enjuanes and Isabel sola, a sterilizing vaccine. “They are so called because they provide such powerful immunity, especially at the entrance of the virus to the organism -which in the case of the coronavirus are the mucous membranes- that they prevent it from entering and multiplying in the vaccinated person,” explains Margarita del Val.

The aforementioned intranasal vaccine will not be ready until at least the end of 2022, but it is not the only one of this type that is being worked on, since AstraZeneca and Oxford also have projects to get these serums that will make vaccinated people not only do not get sick, but also do not become infected or transmitted the virus.

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