These (courageous) executives who defend LGBT + at work

They witness

  • Sylvie Granger, IT Program Director at BNP Paribas Personal Finance
  • Alain Parmentier, Brigadier-Chef in Paris
  • Annabelle Guiraud, risk prevention business manager at RATP Real Estate

LGBT +: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other non-majority variations in sexual orientation or gender identities.

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Sylvie Granger: “This openness to difference impacts my management”

Sylvie Granger

Her position: IT Program Director at BNP Paribas Personal Finance

“Following the ‘coming out’ of my eldest son, I attended a conference organized by the professional network PRIDE, which was launched on the initiative of BNP group employees. I realized that sexual orientation was a business issue and that it must be extremely difficult, when you were LGBT, to live “hidden” in your workplace. I then wanted to contribute to this cause and I joined the office of the association, as an ally. Today, I lead conferences on my favorite subjects – family coming out, homoparentality – which I always approach from a professional angle, for example by explaining how the company can be a facilitator. I also support employees who are in a delicate situation.

At the moment, I am helping a transgender employee “in transition”: I try to get the company to change their first name and I point them to people who have already led this process internally.

My role, via the PRIDE network, is not, however, to impose a way of thinking on my work colleagues. I am not a lesson giver! I am only looking to build an inclusive work environment. This openness to others has a positive impact on my management. “

Only one in two LGBT + people is visible in their professional circle.

The Other Circle Barometer – Ifop 2020

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Alain Parmentier: “I educate young people in police schools. “

Alain Parmentier

His position: Brigadier-chef in Paris

“In the police station I was assigned to 20 years ago, one of my teammates was gay and he was the scapegoat for all of my colleagues. What shocked me was that my hierarchy and the unions were contemplating this situation without saying anything. The scenes I attended therefore dissuaded me from assuming my homosexuality in my workplace. In 2011, to give a voice to LGBT people, I decided to create, with my partner, the association “Flag! “. It became the LGBT + association of police officers but also firefighters, agents of the Ministries of the Interior and of Justice … I took the opportunity to come out professionally and I was not the subject discrimination within the police. I then realized that there were similar associations in other countries. We decided to get together and create the “European LGBT Police Association”, which now brings together 17 countries.

My goal is to make police officers aware of homophobia so that they can carry out their public service mission with neutrality.

As president, I work in the police services, with the support of the Council of Europe, in countries like Montenegro and Kosovo. In France, I work in police schools, always with a view to raising awareness. “

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Annabelle Guiraud: “I write a radio column in a program dedicated to LGBT +”

Annabelle Guiraud

His position: risk prevention business manager at RATP Real Estate
Particular sign: “role model” 2021 (see below).

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“My homosexuality has never been a burden to drag. I have always assumed who I was in my professional world, perhaps because I have never worked in “ultra-conservative” companies. Looking back, I think this confidence has even strengthened my leadership on a daily basis. In 2019, I wanted to share my positivity with the LGBT community. I therefore joined the LGBT + association of RATP “Homobilités”, of which I am now vice-president. This allowed me to be closer to the management of the group, therefore to better promote its diversity and inclusion policy. On behalf of the association, I carry out awareness-raising, fundraising, health prevention actions … At the same time, I write a radio column in Homomicro, a program dedicated to the LGBT + community, in which I discuss two themes: culture and health. I portray lesbian women, I talk about books on role models, I talk about AIDS in times of Covid …

My strategy to move the lines is to show that there are solutions to every problem.

It is this approach that has earned me today being an LGBT + “model role”. This status will allow me to transmit even more hope to LGBT people who live in hiding. ”

The aspiration to the visibility of LGBT + people is the sign of the passage towards a new paradigm: the fear of discrimination, admittedly still justified, gives way more and more to the pride of being oneself.

Alain Gavand, initiator and project manager of the event “LGBT + and Allied Model Roles”

The 94 laureates in 2021 of the “LGBT + Model Roles & Allies at work”

L’Autre Cercle unveils the TOP 94 of “LGBT + & Allied Model Roles at Work”

L’Autre cercle, the French association which campaigns for the inclusion of LGBT + people at work, revealed on October 12 the list of 94 laureates of the LGBT + Model and Allied Roles (3rd edition). This new promotion brings to 250 the number of laureates already awarded since the creation of the event in 2019.

Four categories of winners for this TOP 94 of the 2021 edition:

  • 26 Model LGBT + Leadership Roles: LGBT + leaders from the public or private sector or members of a management body[1], their professional success and their life course are considered as a model to follow. They contribute, through their commitment and visibility, to a positive representation of LGBT + people.
    Among the laureates: Ouissem Belgacem, ex-Footballer, Founder of OnTrack Sport, Author of “Adieu ma shaonte”; Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, Managing Director France, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté France (L’Oréal Group); Arnaud Cabanis, Managing Director, Business Solutions France and Belgium, TikTok; Marc Chaya, Chairman and Co-founder, Maison Francis Kurkdjian (LVMH Group); Aurélie Feld, President, LHH (Adecco Group); Cédric Le Gallo, Founder, Le Gallo Films; Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, Director of Operations & Customer Service of Orange Business Services.
  • 30 LGBT + Role Models Leaders : LGBT + people, employees or agents, not members of a management body, significantly contributing to the inclusion of LGBT + in the world of work.
    Among the laureates: Jessica Elliott, Account Manager, Salesforce and President, Outforce France; Annabelle Guiraud, Risk Prevention Business Manager, RATP Real Estate and VP, Homobilités (LGBT + association of the RATP group); Guillaume Semène, Event Project Manager, BNP Paribas, Co-Animator of the Pride France network; Sébastien Vienot, EMEA Support Team Manager, Microsoft France.
  • 11 LGBT + First Job Models Roles: LGBT + people taking their first position in an organization and having distinguished themselves by their initiatives in favor of the inclusion of LGBT + people, especially when they were students.
    Among the laureates: Alice Billard, Design Engineer, Legrand; Vincent Blier, Liquidity Balance Analyst, Société Générale; Anaïs Rousteau, Application Development New Associate, Accenture SAS; Nolhan Vairac, Talent Recruiter Expert, Michael Page Group.
  • 27 Allies Leaders: Managers, members of a management body, contributing through their commitment to the inclusion of LGBT + people in the world of work, without being or asserting themselves as LGBT +.
    Among the laureates: Clotilde Delbos, Deputy Managing Director, Financial Director, Renault Group, Managing Director of the Mobilize brand, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCI Banque SA, Renault Group; Olivier Girard, Chairman of Accenture in France and Benelux, Marianne Laigneau, Chairman of the Management Board, Enedis; Anne Rigail, Managing Director, Air France; Lucile Royer-Ecoffet, Deputy Director General of Resources and Services for Municipalities, Dijon Métropole & Ville de Dijon.

REPLAY: October 12, 2021 special (testimonials and interviews)

For nearly two hours, a program hosted by Jean-Baptiste Marteau, journalist at Radio France and himself a 2020 model role. This digital ceremony revolves around the announcement and celebration of 94 LGBT + and Ally Model Roles S, interviews, testimonials – in particular of Model Roles from the previous edition – and three 20-minute round tables giving the floor to prestigious, relevant and legitimate speakers around of the following themes:

  • Make yourself visible at work, but why?
  • Make yourself visible at work, yes, but how?
  • I am visible, and after?

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