These domestic stores are the most harmful to the environment

Greenpeace conducted a survey on how much domestic grocery stores burden the environment with single-use plastic and packaging materials. The focus of the investigation was how many packaging-free products are on the shelves, whether it is possible to refill and recycle in stores, and whether customers can take products home in single-use plastic bags or environmentally friendly bags.

According to the organization’s report, the best result was achieved by SPAR, followed by Auchan and Tesco in the ranking, and the worst by CBA, Coop and Real.

Greenpeace started the research because plastic waste is slowly covering us, causing more and more damage to nature and has already appeared in the human body. Everyone has the right to buy […] you can choose products with returnable packaging

he declared Gregory SimonGreenpeace Hungary’s chemical expert.

Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

In addition to the shortcomings of the food chains, the report also presents several positive measures: some companies have a publicly available strategy for their plastic reduction, others have a goal set for the packaging of private label products to be made from 100 percent recycled materials. Greenpeace pointed out as an example to be followed that SPAR stores had an outstanding number of products available as refills, Auchanok has reusable mineral water beverage packaging at network level, and Tesco recycled 82 percent of the waste they produced in the previous year. They also wrote about the fact that you can find the most packaging-free vegetables and fruits in Lidl stores, and that SPAR and Auchan no longer give free plastic bags, but only for biodegradable money.

The green organization stated in its report that if we want to see real change, we must say goodbye to disposable packaging and switch to reuse, refilling and packaging-free alternatives.