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These everyday objects contain most germs and bacteria

Updated on 08 November 2018, 13:45

Public toilets are reputed to be particularly affected by viruses, bacteria and germs. But here comes the bad news: pathogens lurk everywhere, the toilet seat is almost the smallest evil! Even the faucet is often dirtier than the toilet seat. The gallery reveals where disinfectants are the best weapon against viruses and bacteria.

If you have any idea where viruses and bacteria are hiding everywhere, you can only walk out of the house with your gloves on. On which surfaces hide especially many disgusting germs and viruses? The gallery shows it.
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You do not have to go to a station toilet to get in contact with pathogens. Working in an office is enough: Hot desking or flexible workplaces make day-to-day work easier, but are also more dangerous for the health. Especially keyboards are true germ magnets. Remedy creates regular disinfection or your own keyboard from home.
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Another focal point – especially in the office – are telephone handset and cell phones. No wonder, you get the device while listening and talking pretty close. They are rarely or never disinfected and should stay with your body.
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Next focus: headphones. Earwax and sweat transmit bacteria excellently. So: Stay away from the earplugs of colleagues or friends.
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The coffee in your throat gets stuck in the neck: A study by the University of Arizona on germs in the office showed faecal germs in 20 percent of the cups examined. It is important that the cups are properly cleaned in the dishwasher and dry out there, so the favorite cup is not a small creep.
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Many people, air conditioners and tight spaces: The dear germs especially! It is best not to hold on to the handles in bus and train, but to get hold of a seat.
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The same applies to the stay in an airplane. Here, too, many people lurk in a small space potential triggers for the next disease.
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Who thinks about car sharing or car hire because of the high bacterial load in public transport: Even car wheels are true germs. According to a study by Queen Mary University in London, steering wheels have nine times more bacteria than the seat of a public toilet. So you better go with your own bike or walk …
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The best weapon against getting sick is exercise. But beware: In the gym lurking especially many pathogens on the devices. Disinfection is the alpha and omega. Best to clean the devices before use – you never know how lazy the predecessor was …
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Not only on fitness equipment, but also in the sports courses can be found a lot of viruses and bacteria: on foreign yoga mats. To avoid an infection, it is worth investing in your own mat. One only has to imagine how many body fluids land on such a yoga mat …
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Whether at money, parking or ticket machines – here are plenty of pathogens on the buttons. After all, they are regularly touched by many other people. And certainly not all were healthy.
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Speaking of buttons: Lifts are true germs. Not only because of the buttons, but also because of the air: narrow space, many people, poorly ventilated. Nice, if at least someone else pushes his head to the floor, where you want to go.
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