These films start in cinemas in Central Switzerland


These films start in cinemas in Central Switzerland

Documentaries, action and fantasy films: which films will open in which cinemas in our region on Thursday, November 25th.

In a nutshell: The film starts in Central Switzerland

Antim: The Final Truth

From farmer’s son to powerful gangster. Bollywood cinema.

Bourbaki, Luzern: So, 11.20.

Barely the sun

Stories about displacement and life between two cultures, chants, knowledge: Mateo Sobode Chiqueno preserves the heritage of the Ayoreo, an indigenous ethnic group, on cassettes for posterity. The Paraguayan director Arami Ullón, who lives in Basel, has carefully approached Ayoreo in the Paraguayan Chaco region. The documentary, which was also remarkably photographed, frees the Ayoreo from their victim role by showing them as dignified people with a rich culture. (reg)

Stattkino, Lucerne: Thursday premiere, followed by a conversation with the director and Christoph Wiedmer, Society for Threatened Peoples.

Clifford the Big Red Dog – ­Vorpremieren am Mi, 1. 12.

Kino Schwyz (13.35/15.45); Cinepol, Sins (14.30); Afm Cinema, Stans (16.15).

It was the hand of God (The Hand of God) – Vorpremiere

Seehof, Zug: Mi, 1. 12., 12.15 (Lunch-Kino).


The Disney animated film takes you to the Colombian mountains. Visually beautiful to look at, told very sensitively and with a lot of psychological wit, the plea for recognizing everyone in their uniqueness is perhaps one of the most beautiful Disney films ever. (dpa)

Capitol, Lucerne; Cinéboxx, Einsiedeln; Maxx, Emmenbrücke; Engelberg cinema; Cinema Schwyz; Cinepol, Sins; Afm Cinema, Stans; Seehof, Zug.

«Encanto»: What is Mirabel’s unique gift?

Photo: Disney


Film adaptation of Rita Falk’s eponymous novel of the heart – with Hannelore Elsner (1942–2019) in her last film role.

Pathé, Ebikon.

House of Gucci – Pre-Premieres Wednesday December 1st

Bourbaki, Lucerne (8 p.m.); Moderne, Lucerne (8:15 p.m.); Cinéboxx, Einsiedeln (8:15 pm); Maxx, Emmenbrücke (8.30 p.m.); Schwyz cinema (8 p.m.); Cinepol, Sins (8:00 p.m.); Afm Cinema, Stans (8:00 p.m.); Seehof, Zug (8:15 p.m.).

Resident Evil: Welcome to ­Raccoon City

Reboot of the “Resident Evil” franchise with a completely new cast.

Maxx, Emmenbrücke; Kino Engelberg.

Rififi (Rififi in men)

On the occasion of the «Lifting of film censorship in the Canton of Lucerne 50 years ago», introduction: Martin Eberli. For a detailed report, see page 17.

Stattkino, Lucerne: Sun, November 28th, 5:00 pm.


1980 in a Czechoslovak seminary: The students have to choose between resistance against the communist regime and repression by the secret police. The bird’s eye view of the barren inner courtyard, where the seminarians play football and swear to resist between the white sheets or with a cigarette, are among the optical highlights in this artful black and white film. (reg)

Bourbaki, Luzern.

Storm: Until we are dead or free

See reporting in “Switzerland at the weekend” from November 20.

Bourbaki, Lucerne; Moderne, Lucerne; Cinema Leuzinger, Altdorf; Cinéboxx, Einsiedeln; Maxx, Emmenbrücke; Engelberg cinema; Cinema Schwyz; Cinepol, Sins; Afm Cinema, Stans; Seehof, Zug.

That Girl

Portrait of Gladys who is building a farm and school in Chewe, a village in Zambia.

Kino Schwyz; Cinepol, Sins.

The Last Bus – Vorpremiere

Seehof, Zug: Tue, November 30th, 2.30pm (senior cinema).

Tove – preview

Bourbaki, Luzern: Mi, 1. 12., 12.15 (Lunch-Kino).

True Mothers

A mother unexpectedly contacts her son’s adoptive parents. Critical consensus: On the basis of an insoluble conflict, Naomi Kawase (“An – cherry blossoms and red beans”) explores the parent-child bond with the usual sensitivity and grace.

Also in the Stattkino, Lucerne; new at Gotthard, Zug.


Portrait of the very interesting Swiss artist Zilla Leutenegger, to whom the Bündner Kunstmuseum dedicated an extensive exhibition this year.

Stattkino, Lucerne: Sun, November 28th, 11.00 am in the presence of Zilla Leutenegger and director Iwan Schumacher.

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