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GNTM is all about this week! The semi-finals are coming up and only four girls can fight for the title “Germany’s Next Top Model” in the big final next week. For a candidate, the big dream ends dramatically.

Heidi Klum increases the pressure right at the beginning of the penultimate episode of GNTM. “It’s about getting into the final, so make sure you can not see one next week on the title of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ and that’s ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’,” said the chief juror.

Accordingly challenging are the tasks that await the girls. In addition to the already mentioned by Heidi shoot for the magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” is also on the Haute Couture Walk with dresses by Jean Paul Gaultier.

The semi-finalists: In GNTM was in the penultimate episode of Haute Couture Walk on. (Source: ProSieben / Martin Ehleben)

Christina pats the last walk before the final

While Toni, Pia, Julianna and Jennifer lie down on a perfect walk, Christina makes a mistake. “Now she almost stumbled, right at the beginning such a mistake, which makes many people unsure,” Michael Michalsky notes. The 21-year-old, however, continues unabated. But Heidi Klum also stands out: “Your performance is not quite smooth.” After her appearance, Christina’s tears come. “I practice all the time and it’s all perfect and in the walk it happens I could have freaked out, the dress stuck to my heel I’m sure I can not make it to the final,” the beauty complains. But it should come differently.

Contender Jennifer: She fails just before the final. (Source: ProSieben / Martin Bauendahl)

Not Christina flies out so close to the final, but Jennifer. “You have not let anything or anyone stop you, but I also have to consider that you are the only semi-finalist without a job, few customers have asked you and you have never been the first choice, does Germany need a top model that does not get jobs? “asks Heidi. The answer is no. “I’m glad to have been here, I lived my dream,” Jennifer says with tears. Then she has to go.

In the final of “Germany’s Next Top Model” are these four girls:

Contestant Toni: From the jury, she received only praise. (Source: ProSieben / Martin Bauendahl)

Toni (18)

Toni from Stuttgart impressed the jury. “I really loved you from the beginning, you’re a natural, you showed that today, big compliment,” Thomas Hayo praises the beauty. “You can be proud of yourself,” Michael Michalsky agrees. And Heidi Klum? She also agrees with the praise: “You have the most jobs and I have seen that you have given everything today.” That’s another reason why she made it to the final.

Candidate Pia: She had the shortest shooting times. (Source: ProSieben / Martin Bauendahl)

Pia (22)

The Munich woman has Michael Michalsky on her side. “I liked the performance very well, Pia had two really big jobs and not a single bad photo shoot, and all the photographers said she was special,” the fashion designer says. Heidi Klum says: “From week one you were 100 percent in the thing, you had the shortest shooting time of all the girls from the whole season.” You have always delivered to the point. ” Such a feat is of course rewarded.

Candidate Christina: She had doubts and yet came to the final. (Source: ProSieben / Martin Bauendahl)

Christina (21)

Candidate Christina manages to make it into the final despite her mistake. “I also noticed the little stumbler, but you mastered it well,” says Heidi Klum. Thomas Hayo goes on to say: “Everybody sees that you have huge potential, you’ve evolved a lot from week to week, and in my opinion, you’re in the final.” He should be right.

Candidate Julianna: She can not only model but also sing. (Source: ProSieben / Martin Bauendahl)

Julianna (20)

Julianna can not only model, but also sing. Michael Michalsky had her on her side with it: “I just want to stick to the facts: Julianna has never wobbled and was never in a shoot out.” She had three jobs, “the fashion designer emphasized in the semifinals again. These arguments probably also convinced Heidi Klum.


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