“These guys made history,” enthuses Andy Farrell, the Irish coach

Andy Farrell (Ireland XV coach, after the historic 23-13 victory in New Zealand at the microphone of Sky Sport) :

“I’m just thrilled for the players because they were so keen to get people excited at home (…) I’m so happy they were able to get there because there was a bit of everything , it was a brave effort. (…) We did not let ourselves be sucked in by the rhythm of this match. Even when they were down to 14, we continued to play the right game in the right places on the pitch and apply pressure. I’m so proud of them. The main thing is that we learn to manage the pressure of a match at a high level. Our calm is really a good thing. Things won’t always go our way, especially against the best in the world, but our composure doesn’t change even when we foul, and we got what we deserved. These guys wrote history and they also earned the right to win this series (a decisive third match will oppose New Zealand and Ireland next Saturday in Wellington, editor’s note).