These movies bothers you, they wrote in the united states. The Czech internet exploded with rage. Director of Fear he repents for the Angel of the Lord

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After the publication of the list of “problematic movies” compiled by the server to Variety, on which were also such classics as Forrest Gump or Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom, launched a wave of indignation from many people on social networks. “The new totalitarianism ‘good’ for all,” criticises the castle’s spokesman Jiří Ovčáček. “The new communists.” echoes on, for example, from the editor of MF dnes, Jaroslav Plesla. Instead of the recognition of the critics, however, added every day new “money” works. There was even the favorite series for children.

These movies bothers you, they wrote in the united states. The Czech internet exploded with rage. Director of Fear he repents for the Angel of the Lord
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Description: Forrest Gump (1994)

The list of problematic movies noticed the chief editor of MF dnes, Jaroslav Plesl.

“The new communists that close to the vault a lot more than the old communists. And so it has to be. Need Chytilová will be in the vault completely whole, even with the Soup, Menzlem and Suchařípou. That’s why the Jakes so happy…“ he commented on how people from the Czech cinema should be on the lookout.

“The new totalitarianism ‘good’ for all. Piláti policy is silent, blindness, fear crippling us,“ adds to the criticism of the movie list the castle’s spokesman Jiří Ovčáček.

Journalist, commentator Alexander Mitrofanov asked whether by any chance they won’t want the fire department to prohibit the film of Miloš Forman’s on Fire, my doll?

The mp and the prague representative Patrik Nacher also not a list of inconvenient films excited. “Political correctness is changing in imbecility coronavirus despite…” he said.

“The highest time to wake up and Czech films,” joined director George Fear and remind you that, for example, in a christmas fairy tale an Angel of the Lord God is portrayed as a white man. “That’s despicable, how could I?!” of soul-searching.

And then added: “In America will be before some of the movies set the mirror. I’ll see you when they set the mirror.“


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And hear from a world-famous game developer Daniel Vavra. His sigh, however, did not belong to the list of movie classics, but to the next problematic part, which became an animated series for children Tlapková patrol, search and rescue dogs.

One episode of children’s series, where a police dog beating an innocent suspect, has already been completely removed and there is a risk that a popular children’s series about the rescue dogs could get even a total ban on the new parts.

“On Tlapkovou patrol you dotlápli. How to explain this to the kids?“ he complained famous Bohemia on their facebook.

Children’s series would be so soon could connect to other works, which, if not forbidden completely, so at a minimum it will need to project avoidance of responsibility, and before and after the screening should occur in the discussion.

“All films should be watched with a critical eye, but that doesn’t mean their ban. These films represent a period in which they were made, and it is important to remember the history – and the human bigotry and insensitivity – so these things do not repeat,“ the authors list on the server to Variety, as should some of the movies end up.

On the list of problematic images found in the Czech republic a very popular picture Forrest Gump (1994). In addition, it can be criticized that even though it appears his storyline inclined to people with disabilities or people with AIDS and vietnam veterans, it also contains some criticism to activism and demonstrations.

Six times Oscar award-winning local film also does not help that the main character, Nathan Bedford Forrest, is named after his grandfather, the first great leaders of the Ku Klux Klan.

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Not very well would have led the also known Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom (1984). Server claims that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas too tried to mimic the contemporary atmosphere of the films of the thirties. All of this results in a kind of “negative and stereotyped view of India and the hindu customs”.

In the list, however, appear much younger works, such as last year’s snapshot of that Time in Hollywood. And what is this “piece of cinema” from Quentin Tarantino’s guilty of? Isn’t that enough – in the film has to be the depiction of Mexicans at the end of the sixties mainly in auxiliary positions and in manual occupations. What’s worse – black people do not occur nearly even in those, and in the film there are few and far between. Complaints then complements that missing critique of the enforcement of the white race serial killer Charles Manson. That the movie is to him primarily in his minutáži does not pay, the authors list fllmů don’t mind.

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