These public viewings must be weatherproof

Public viewings in Bern have to arm themselves: thunderstorms are sweeping over Switzerland again this evening. Especially in the north it gets wet.

the essentials in brief

  • Switzerland will play against France in the European Championship round of 16 this evening at 9 p.m.
  • Public viewings have to be prepared for violent thunderstorms, especially in the north.
  • Meteorologists expect heavy rain and hail.

The corona easing also ensures more flexibility for public viewings of Euro 2020. But the weather is throwing a spanner in the works for many today: As in the game against Turkey, dark storm clouds are gathering in the Swiss sky before the second round against France. The local public viewings threaten to fall into the water again!

According to «MeteoNews», public viewings in northern Switzerland in particular have to be prepared for thunderstorms. “Heavy thunderstorms must be expected, especially in the Jura and Central Plateau,” the weather service writes in a message.

The first storms with lightning and hail are likely to discharge around 4 p.m. in the Bern region. The thunderstorms then move further east. After all: For the game of the Swiss national team at 9 p.m., the worst should be over by then. Only in the west must a second, weaker thunderstorm front be expected.

Thunderstorms: wet in Bern, dry in St. Gallen

The capital should be hit hard. There are, however, a few weatherproof public viewings in Bern. For example, the Bärn sports bar at Dälhölzli, or the hall in the Bierhübeli. However: many indoor viewings are already fully booked, space is only given spontaneously – outside.

In the old town of Bern, many bars and restaurants will certainly set up outdoor TV screens. Participation there is at your own risk and weatherproof clothing is recommended.

It should also be quite stormy in Basel. In the safe indoor area on the big screen, you can enjoy the round of 16, for example in the market hall or the Bar du Nord. At your own risk, you can also take a seat in the public viewing area of ​​the “1777” restaurant.

A weatherproof public viewing should also be chosen in Zurich. According to the weather forecast, it should get a bit wet in Ms. Gerold’s garden. It will stay dry in the Houdini cinema, which broadcasts the games.

Will you follow the Swiss European Championship round of 16 against France in a public viewing?

The people of Eastern Switzerland can consider themselves lucky: no large thunderstorm cells are expected in St. Gallen, but a few drops can fall here too. Good news for public viewing in the News Café or in the tent of the Dreilinden restaurant.

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