These quarantine rules apply from May 1st

After most corona measures have been eliminated almost everywhere in the past few days, the quarantine is now to be relaxed. What will then apply to infected people in the future?

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced new quarantine and isolation rules on Monday. They should be voluntary from May 1st. However, there is an “urgent recommendation” to go into isolation after an infection. The Federal Health Ministers’ Conference agreed on this on Monday.

Who will have to be in quarantine, when and for how long?

According to the new resolutions, anyone who is infected with the corona virus in the future should only voluntarily isolate themselves for five days and then “test themselves” with a self-test at the end. Only infected staff in medical facilities and nursing homes should be obligated to remain in isolation for five days and then “test themselves free” with a PCR test in order to protect people who are particularly at risk.

“The current regulation works, but it is not necessary in the long term,” said Lauterbach. From May 1st, a procedure should take effect “which is largely based on a voluntary basis”. The new regulation applies equally to infected people with symptoms and those without symptoms. However, it still has to be implemented by the federal states.

The background to the easing is not least that more than four million people are currently in quarantine due to the high number of infections. In companies and hospitals, this sometimes leads to considerable absences of staff.

What is the current quarantine rule?

So far, a quarantine has been ordered by the authorities if there is a high risk of being infected or if you are proven to be infected.

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Exceptions have so far been made for people who have been boosted, recently vaccinated or recently recovered (people who were infected or vaccinated no more than three months ago) and people who have both been vaccinated twice and have recovered. As contact persons, they do not have to be in quarantine, but they do if they are infected themselves.

So far, the quarantine has lasted ten days, after which it is considered over even without a test. Those affected can take a free test after seven days if they have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours. So far, counting has started on the first day of the symptoms. For symptom-free people, the date of the positive test is what counts.

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