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The Houston Astros are in for what will be a very interesting offseason when it comes to shortstop Carlos Correa. With the team not reaching a deal with Correa before the 2021 season, Correa had a strong campaign, which means he will likely cash out a huge contract in free agency.

Sure, the Astros managed to bring back pitcher Justin Verlander on what could turn out to be a two-year deal, but losing Correa would be hard for the Astros fanbase to understand. But the loss could hurt even more if he signed with one of these three teams.

Carlos Correa’s free agency destinations that would be heartbreaking for Astros fans

New York Yankees

Can you imagine being an Astros fan and seeing Correa sign a multi-year contract with the New York Yankees? It wouldn’t be a good feeling, would it?

The Astros and Yankees have had a heated rivalry dating back to the 2017 Championship Series, which saw Houston reach the World Series in seven games. Then the signature theft scandal came to light throughout the 2017 season. Then the tension increased.

Los Angeles Dodgers

In addition to the Yankees, the Astros have had their share of drama with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Once the league revealed the final results of the signature theft scandal, the Dodgers were angered by the findings, considering they were the Astros’ World Series rival. That’s when Correa patted Cody Bellinger back for saying second baseman José Altuve stole the AL MVP award from Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge.

Then there was the bench cleaning incident last season when Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly pitched and taunted Correa.

The Dodgers are technically in the market for a shortstop since Corey Seager is a free agent. Yes, they can hypothetically move Turner to Seager’s position, but it would certainly be a “Dodgers play” to sign Correa.

Rangers de Texas

Seeing Correa join the Texas Rangers, his in-state rival, would be an odd sight for Astros fans. But it shouldn’t be an absolute surprise.

The Rangers need a starting shortstop heading into the 2022 season, and they have money to spend. Since this is a franchise that hasn’t been to the playoffs since they were swept by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2016 Division Series, they will have to spend a lot of money to win the AL West.

In Correa’s case, it is obvious that he is going to demand a huge contract, especially considering what Fernando Tatis Jr. and Francisco Lindor received last offseason. But if the Rangers are that team, he gets his wish to be one of the highest-paid shortstops in the game, and he won’t have to move much.