These vitamins are important for healthy skin

These vitamins are important for healthy skin

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 11:52 PM These vitamins are important for healthy skin Healthy nutrition rich in vitamins is of great importance to skin health, as it helps to replenish its cells and protect it from ultraviolet radiation and aging. German nutrition expert Margaret Murlo said the skin – like any other body member – needs to be supplied with vitamins and minerals to be healthy and young. Vitamin A For example, skin needs vitamin A to build new skin cells, which is very important if the skin is damaged, such as when a sunburn occurs. The sources are rich in vitamin A in the islands, fish and dairy products. Vitamin C Stephan Kabish, a nutritionist, said the skin also needed vitamin C, which helps the skin control moisture. Vitamin C also has the ability to fight what is known as Free Radicals, which attack skin cells causing aging and wrinkles. The sources rich in vitamin C are acidic fruits and turkey pepper. Vitamins B and E Vitamins B and E play an important role in the regeneration of skin cells, especially in the case of injuries. The rich sources of these vitamins are whole grains, vegetables and dairy products. Lycopene Jan Krotman, scientific director of the Leibnits Institute for Environmental Medicine Research in Dusseldorf, Germany, said that tomatoes contain antioxidant lycopene, which protects the skin from ultraviolet (UVB) and ultraviolet (UVA) UV rays. Kapich stressed that healthy people do not need vitamin supplements, warning of the risk of taking them without consulting a doctor; because overdose may have negative effects; for example, the use of overdose of vitamin A may cause damage to the liver, skin and bones. Sufficient fluids In addition to vitamin-rich healthy nutrition, Mourlo stressed the importance of drinking fluids in sufficient quantity for the health of the skin. The fluids moisturize the skin and give it a tight look. For this purpose, water should be drunk, especially mineral water, and non-sugar herbal tea. ;

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