These would be Universitario’s strongest rivals in the 2023 Copa Sudamericana

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Universitario de Deportes will participate in the group stage of the 2023 Copa Sudamericana with a great advantage that rarely happens in Peruvian teams. The merengue team was located in pot 2 of the continental tournament, so except for the teams in pot 1, the U will have the advantage of facing more accessible teams on paper.

From hype 1 will be teams like Sao Paulo, Independiente Santa Fe, Santos, among others. For this reason, here we tell you which would be the most complicated rivals with which the creams could run into.

From hype 1 the most difficult rival would without a doubt be San Lorenzo, the current leader in the Argentine league; while Sao Paulo and Santos, despite not living their best times, are still continental giants. From hype 2 he cannot face; and from hype 3, he would be saved from facing the UCV for being from the same country. The most difficult rival would be América Mineiro, a team that already had experience in the Copa Libertadores and that was very close to qualifying for it again.

Of the latest hype, the teams are usually the most accessible, but those eliminated from the Copa Libertadores could be the most complicated. Pointing to Millonarios and Fortaleza as the most difficult rivals for the merengue team.