“Cara Cortada” was arrested by the National Police of Peru for the murder of Venezuelan Orlando Abreu

The National Police of Peru (PNP) arrested Oscar Narro – allied “Cara Cortada” –, the leader of a gang of criminals, for the murder of the Venezuelan businessman Orlando Abreu, in the city of Trujillo, capital of the northern region of La Libertad.

“After arduous intelligence work, police personnel located and captured a subject, alias Cara Cortada, who would have shot a foreign citizen, causing his death, in La Libertad”said the PNP on its Twitter account. Likewise, the police authorities indicated that during the operation “120 gr. of marijuana, 50 ketes of basic cocaine paste ”and“ a knife ”.

According to local media reports, Narro, a 46-year-old Peruvian who is accused of leading a gang dedicated to hit men and extortion, was detained by agents from the Robbery area of ​​the Criminal Investigation Division of the Trujillo National Police.

The subject, known as “Cara Cortada” and with an extensive police record, he was hiding in the house of a relative in the Trujillo district of La Esperanza and was caught when he was drinking liquor with other people.

From “Cara Cortada” they seized “120 grams of marijuana, 50 ketes of basic cocaine paste” and “a white weapon” (@PoliciaPeru)

Narro was wanted for the point-blank murder of Abreu, 26, who apparently did not accept pay daily “quotas” that the “Cara Cortada” gang demanded of the market vendors in a populous area of ​​Trujillo.

The shocking crime It was recorded by security cameras and the images spread quickly earlier this month on social networks and the media, which caused a great commotion among Peruvians and Venezuelans.

The recording shows how a man threatens the Venezuelan migrant with a pistol and tries to shoot him several times, but the automatic weapon stays locked, until he finally manages to fire several shots before the gaze of several people while the seller begged for mercy.

“You know me, I’m calm,” said the victim while trying to get away from the subject. “I have not messed with you. I have not messed with anyone “added the Venezuelan.

The offender fled the crime scene, while Abreu died despite the fact that some people tried to help him.

Abreu’s relatives, as well as the entire Venezuelan community in Peru, have been demanding justice for the young seller’s death.

The moment when “Cara Cortada” assassinates Venezuelan Orlando Abreu point-blank. SENSITIVE IMAGES

David Smolansky, Commissioner of the interim government in the Organization of American States (OAS) for Venezuelan migrants and refugees, highlighted this Sunday the actions of the Peruvian authorities: “We congratulate the National Police of Peru for having arrested ‘Cara Cortada’ after the murder of Orlando Abreu. Hopefully there is justice and the fraternity between Peruvians and Venezuelans prevails. A few cannot stain the solidarity and effort of many ”.

The repudiation on social networks was unanimous in rejection of xenophobic expressions against Venezuelans forced to migrate due to the dramatic living conditions imposed by the Nicolás Maduro regime.

After what happened, criminals of both nationalities posted mutual threats, which became radicalized with the dissemination of another video in which it is seen how a young Peruvian was thrown from a bridge in Colombia, presumably by Venezuelans.

The murder of Orlando Abreu caused a great commotion in both Peru and Venezuela

These violent incidents have generated great concern among both communities in Peru. For this reason, calls for restraint and to face these events from the police aspect have been increasing.

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), More than one million Venezuelans live in Peru and 496,000 have applied for refugee status. Some 280,000 have obtained residency, and of those who have a job, almost 94% are part of the informal economy, according to UN estimates.

With information from EFE

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