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Ellen Fokkema, a 19-year-old from the Netherlands, will be the first footballer to play for a team made up of men, in the fourth division of the Netherlands, for the VV Foarut club, in a pioneering plan launched by the Football Federation of that country.

“This is an initiative whose objective is to achieve greater participation of women in professional men’s teams”They explained from the Federation.

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So far only women in the Netherlands were allowed to play in mixed teams up to the age of 18, from then on each one had to go to divisions of the same sex, published the Catalan newspaper Sport.

“I have played with boys since I was five years old and I did not take well not being able to continue playing with them next season. I asked the club if it was possible to continue and we submitted a request to the Federation, which authorized me to continue with this pilot plan” Fokkema declared.

“I feel very happy and especially because my teammates supported me and reacted with great enthusiasm when they found out that I will stay with them in the team,” added the footballer in statements to the Dutch press that Sport picked up.

For its part, the KNVB (Royal Netherlands Soccer Association), expressed that it will take the case of Fokkema as an experiment, since every year they receive applications from women to be able to join men’s clubs and, in the event that it is successful , more permits could be granted on a regular basis.

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