They beat up a thief in Lomas de Castillotla

A man who allegedly assaulted a woman was beaten to death by a group of neighbors, in the neighborhood Castillotla hills from capital of Puebla.

According to the first reports, the subject was wandering this Wednesday, September 21, on Olivos Avenue.

At the corner of Tabachines Street, he intercepted a woman and stripped her of her valuables, such as cash and her cell phone.

With the loot in his hands, the alleged criminal began to run away.

The aggrieved woman screamed, which was heard by some neighbors who gathered to help her.

The people chased the man until they managed to secure him and subdue him on the floor.

The neighbors began to beat him in different parts of the body without caring that he asked them to stop.

elements of the Municipal police They went to the place, where they met with the people.

After a few minutes, the people handed over the subject, whose identity was not provided.

The police officers took him to the Public ministrybut so far has not received any formal complaint against him.