They became a couple thanks to “Dancing with the Stars”. Romances on the dance floor

  • Rafał Mroczek and Aneta Piotrowska not only won one of the seasons of “Dancing with the Stars”, but also found love. Unfortunately, their relationship did not survive
  • Małgorzata Foremniak and Rafał Maserak created a couple on the dance floor, as well as for some time in their private life
  • Between Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel in “Dancing with the Stars” a feeling was born that continues to this day. The dancer and the actress are married
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Hours of joint exercises spent in the gym, the closeness of the bodies and the emotions that accompany competition – this explosive mixture has for years made not only friendships and deep acquaintances are born on the dance floor of “Dancing with the Stars”, but also hot romances and relationships. Over the years, a number of couples have transferred their acquaintance from the level of dance partners to life partners.

The magic of “Dancing with the Stars” relates not only to its popularity, but also to the impact it has on some of the participants. Common exercises and then performances often contribute to a serious relationship. And it does not matter in which country the program is implemented! As you know, love can come anytime and anywhere, and for some people this time is a performance in “Dancing with the Stars”. Before we watch the new season of the show, let’s check who made a pair in the past.

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They became a couple thanks to “Dancing with the stars”

They became a couple thanks to “Dancing with the stars”
They became a couple thanks to “Dancing with the stars”