They bet on guaranteeing Universal Access in Curicó – Diario La Prensa

Arturo Prat Street will be intervened in various sections, to give better accessibility to people with disabilities.

Projects. Various actions are carried out to allow people with disabilities to access public services and spaces.

CURICÓ. One year after the expiration of the deadline for public and private buildings that provide services to the community to have the so-called “universal access” available, in the commune of Curicó the municipality announced through its Works Department, the most important aspects that you have worked on in this matter.

Consulted by the newspaper La Prensa, the professional of the Municipal Works Directorate, Roberto Maureira, pointed out that all projects that have to do with new works are being required to comply with the requirements that are established in this matter, either accessible route, podotactile paths, descents for people with mobility limitations, among other emblematic initiatives. He said that they are currently reviewing some important services, such as the Hospital of Curicó, noting that there is a “positive attitude” in major construction companies in order to comply with these provisions.

The professional said that since the beginning of the year this regulation has been fully demanded and that most are complying with the provisions stipulated in the Universal Accessibility Law, a revision that had had some inconveniences, given the health crisis that is being experienced due to of the Coronavirus.


This legislation, he expressed, obliges spaces for public use such as service buildings to have expedited access, so that they can be used by all people autonomously, safely and normally, and in the most natural way, which includes the who are in a situation of disability.

Regarding the buildings that serve the public, whether state, municipal and private, he indicated that they are being reviewed and those who must recondition entries and exits are being notified. Those that are prior to the law and that do not comply with the instructions, it was reported, must update, either with elevators or ramps and when a specific complaint arrives, the Municipal Works management is notifying the owners so that it is complied with with current legislation.

In relation to the municipal building, he stressed that there is already an access with such characteristics to the first floor and that work is being done to solve the access of people with certain disabilities to the second level, for which there is already a design.


In this same matter, the councilor and president of the Infrastructure commission of the municipal council, Javier Ahumada, announced the project promoted by the municipality called “Accessible City Tracing Conservation”, which will allow universal access to the Curican center, an initiative that is being worked on together to the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.

The councilor said that this project is aimed at improving universal access conditions and that it is based on a pilot plan that was carried out in the city of Iquique and that in Curicó will mean an important advance for people who have a disability, whose first section is already in tender.

In this project, said the community authority, design standards are contemplated based on the experience of Iquique, which considers clear sidewalks; low slopes; high standard tactile pavement that considers the use of plastic plates with a narrower guide and warning pavements, located on the edge of the pavement and road; To these is added inclusive equipment and furniture and APS devices in traffic lights that facilitate the transit of people with disabilities.


The first section that will be intervened, said the councilor, is represented by Prat street, between Carmen and Chacabuco, whose call for bids is in charge of the Serviu, to later continue with other sections of Prat street, such as the one between Peña and Carmen and between Chacabuco and the access to Cerro Condell Park. The section of Carmen street, between Prat and Camilo Henríquez, is also contemplated, where a definition is sought with the Copec gas station to provide a solution to the southeast corner.

In later works, indicated the communal authority, it is contemplated to intervene a section of Manuel Montt, between Peña and Carmen, estimating that in the future it will continue with Arturo Prat street towards the Bus Terminal, since the main idea is to articulate relevant points from the founding town through the Arturo Prat axis, from the highway to Cerro Condell Park.


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