They bought a camera at a fair and the result of the photos went viral

Going on vacation implies wanting to save each memory or place visited with a photograph to be able to relive what has been lived at any time. This is why a couple chose to buy a camera at a fair and by showing the images of their vacations on Twitter, the other users went crazy.

The young woman, @mxrrria as she is known on the social network, released some of the photos she took with her boyfriend on her days of rest and enjoyment. “We bought a little analog camera at a fair for $1,500 before we went on vacation and said ‘that’s it, we’ll take a chance and see if anything comes out,’” she recounted.

“Look at the photos we took,” added María, who also attached a series of photos of different landscapes and of both of them posing in front of them.

The post went viral, reaching 24.5 thousand likes, 398 quoted tweets, and 239 retweets. In addition, many people, delighted with the final result of the photos, added their comments about it.

“Aaaaaaa, never the protagonist, always a spectator,” added one user. “They are beautiful,” exclaimed another. “How cute”, was another comment.

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