They bought a house, discovered a secret room and were shocked by what was inside

A TikTok user showed the hidden room his parents found in the house they bought. The room was hidden behind a false wall and the previous owners had no idea it existed. After drilling a hole, the father and daughter investigated and discovered the large number of objects that were stored there.

All kinds of viral content circulate on the networks every day. Among the different types of videos and images that are shared, one genre that frequently stands out is that of mysteries. In this case, the secret room was the protagonist in a series of three videos.

In the first recording, user @stinknjeepn showed the inside of the new discovery that was in her parents’ house in Reno, Nevada. “If you look at the window, there is only a five centimeter gap between the window and the wall and then on the outside there was like a meter and a half”explained about the distances.

Next, the images show the owner of the house as he made a small hole in the wall from the outside, to be able to lean out and see what was inside the mysterious room. The end of the video shows that the young woman was able to put the cell phone in the hole and briefly see what was in the room. At first glance, several shelves and boxes were observed, although the content was not observed.

The first video where the interior of the hidden room was shown

The content went viral, to the point that exceeded 18,000,000 views. In addition, he accumulated more than 840,000 likes and exceeded 11,000 comments. Most of them were predictions about what was inside the boxes and requests to upload another video to the platform to clear up any doubts.

Finally, the user opted for the second option and decided to record the moment of entering the room. When she was able to enter, she discovered that the boxes held a huge variety of items. The different containers had various types of food, medical supplies and survival kits. From what can be seen, it is presumed to be a refuge in case of a natural disaster or any other type of problem.

The second video where you can see the interior of the mysterious room

On the other hand, it was also found an air conditioner and a door that originally had the room and that it was covered up by the first owners who were in possession of the property.

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Although this recording obtained a little less visibility than the original video, the truth is that it also generated a lot of repercussion. In this case, the images exceeded 5,800,000 reproductions and again harvested hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. There, the woman took the opportunity to take some of the questions that came to her from other users and clarify them in a final publication.

As he explained in a third recording, the house was built in 2004 and the first owners had it in their possession until 2011. Between that year and 2019, there were the owners before their parents, who said they had no idea about the secret room when they were consulted.