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They broke their bones to defraud insurance

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A real mafia system of forty people has been dismantled.

On Monday, the Italian police announced that they had arrested about 40 suspects in Palermo from two Sicilian gangs. These Mafiosos, specialized in insurance fraud, had devised a scheme as violent as effective.

They broke the bones of marginal accomplices

The investigators managed to determine that the crooks paid up to € 300 of the marginalized to break members. Mafiosos used bodybuilding weights to break their legs or hit accomplice "victims" with iron bars to break an arm.

The scammers then simulated accidents with the complicity of lawyers and doctors, reveals the local newspaper Giornale di Sicilia. Shady lawyers could file false complaints and compliant doctors made false medical certificates.

Insurers deceived

The files thus rigged could bring gangs large sums of money from insurance companies.

The first recorded events date back to 2017. That year, a Tunisian national had died in a false accident. The investigation had established that he had, in fact, succumbed to a cardiac arrest resulting from excessive violence suffered voluntarily.

Last August, the police operation related to this tragedy allowed the arrest of eleven suspects. Investigations and in particular the cooperation of three involved had led investigators to identify … 250 people involved.

"Tony the humble"

Mafiosi preferred multiple fractures, which yielded more benefits. In general five "big arms" of which a certain "Tony the humble" isolated a marginal "voluntary" in an apartment or warehouse to break members. Not without administering a slight painkiller beforehand.

Once the scenario was in place, the crooks ensured that the families of the "victims" were sticking to the version of the accident.


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