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In just 21 days, Grupo Oroño built a 560-square-meter medical center for the detection and treatment of Covid-19, the only one with these characteristics in the country’s private sector, specially developed during the pandemic to provide responses to patients with suspicion or confirmation of the disease. In turn, the fact of having this space, allows all people who require medical assistance for other reasons to feel safe attending the usual offices and areas of care.

The new center, located on Córdoba street between Oroño and Alvear, which begins operating this Thursday, has two waiting rooms, two clinical offices, a radiology room, a biochemistry room and 24 clinical hospitalization spaces that were divided into areas. of adults and children.

The new building has an income waiting room (A) and another to await results (B). It allows to have isolated those patients with suspected Covid-19 thanks to the physical measures of the place, which allow a great distance and special ventilation systems that avoid contagions among the people who are there.

The temperature at admission is taken for all and an interview is carried out in order to detect the epidemiological focus, analyze the symptoms, perform swabs in the corresponding cases and a chest plate.

When the pandemic is successfully controlled, the building will continue to operate to deal with this and other infectious diseases, with all the necessary biosecurity measures for this purpose.

Roberto Villavicencio, medical director of the group, was in charge of each of the details of the “E Medical Center”, in which a team of specialist doctors worked and which was built by the Peicon company, “in record time and with all the rigor that a space like this needs, ”he said.

When the country began to warn that the arrival of the first cases of Covid-19 were imminent, in Grupo Oroño they organized an expert committee specially dedicated to the new coronavirus.

“It was essential to be up-to-date with the information, share it, prepare ourselves for what we warned was going to be a serious problem due to the characteristics of this virus. From minute one we worked on all the protocols and put them into operation, “said the doctor, adding to this:” This allowed us to control some complex situation in time, to the point that today we are called in the country to show how we act. Today, the Park Sanatorium and the Children’s Sanatorium are Covid-19 free entities, for the peace of mind of our professionals and our patients ”.

Essential services

“For us it was always important to provide effective responses and care to patients diagnosed with Covid-19, but without neglecting all the people who regularly attend the different spaces of the Oroño Group to be treated for any other pathology,” said the Infectologist Carolina Subirá, coordinator of the Patient Quality and Safety area of ​​the Sanatorio Parque.

To this, the health professional added: “In the context of this pandemic it was seen, in all parts of the world, that patients with chronic health problems stopped attending clinics even when security measures were provided. Not a few abandoned their treatments or minimized symptoms, arriving late for their assistance. This is a point that concerned us and concerns us greatly. Having a center specially destined for the new coronavirus is an immense achievement that provides, precisely, that security to all patients, so that they do not neglect their health for a single day. ”

“If the person has a complicated clinical condition, they are immediately transferred to an inpatient area where, in addition to providing them with all the necessary assistance, they will await confirmation of the diagnostic tests,” said the specialist.

Meanwhile, Roberto Villavicencio added that “the group has been complying with all quality controls and all protocols for 20 years; This allows us to advance in developments like the one we did now because there is a history behind and solid teams at a professional level that can rise to such special circumstances as the one we are experiencing. ”

In this same sense, the doctor pointed out: “We are calm and we trust that this will be of great benefit to all our patients, from those who suspect Covid-19, those who require treatment (even in complex cases) and absolutely all, adults and children, who require attention for any situation related to their health and who know that they can attend their consultations or the usual guards without fear. ”

Since the pandemic began, the Oroño Group gathers, in various meetings each week, more than 50 professionals from all areas to assess how work is being done in the context of the pandemic and to carry out precise follow-up on a case-by-case basis.



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