They called the son of the Russian prime minister. They had an offer for him

The conversation took place live on the YouTube Popular Politics channel. The episode was devoted to the mobilization announced in Russia. The channel operator, Dmitry Nizovtsov, called the children of Russian deputies, officials and businessmen, inviting them to come to the military registration and conscription office. It is not specified how Nizovtsov got their phone numbers.

Nizovtsov asked if Alexei was ready to come to the military conscription office to enroll as a volunteer for the war.

Mishustin’s son said that he is studying for a master’s degree at the Higher School of Economics, and previously graduated from the military department at the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. According to Alexei, “he has no desire to fight” and “should not be enrolled as a volunteer yet.”

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The presenter also called the son of a Kremlin spokesman. He said he had a summons for him and suggested that the next morning at 10 am he should report to the Moscow military registration and conscription office for medical examinations. – At 10 am, of course, I won’t come … If you know my last name is Peskov, you must understand how wrong it is for me to be there. In short, I will solve it on a different level – answered the interlocutor of Nizovtsov.

When the creators of the channel again asked if Pieskow’s son was ready to report to the military registration and conscription office, he replied: “Believe me, neither you nor I need it.” – First I need to understand how to do it correctly … If I am to defend my homeland, I have no problem. I need to understand the purposefulness (yes, that’s what he said – ed. Meduza) of my going there. I am talking about some political nuances – he added.

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This decision, the president of Russia stated, was made in order to “defend the homeland” and “ensure the security of citizens” both in Russia and in the territories it occupied.

Partial mobilization is to include reservists, people who have served in the army. Before being sent to the front, they are to undergo additional training “taking into account the experience of a special military operation (war in Ukraine)”.

The day before, the self-proclaimed authorities of the regions of Ukraine occupied by Russia urgently announced the holding of referenda on joining Russia. They are scheduled to start next Friday.

Putin said that Russia would do everything to “safely hold referenda” in the four occupied Ukrainian regions, and that members of the armed forces there would be equated with Russian military, and that the local population would not be left “to the torturers.”

Source: Meduza, PAP