They can be Star Contestants

On February 6, TV2 will release another season Star in the star and you already know who the jury will be: in addition to Attila Kökény and Szabi Papp, who will be seen in the previous season, Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and Zalán Makranczi, also known from the Sample Dads, will be present. But what about the racers? THE Metropol it appears more and more frequently in Internet posts Krisztián Zámbó his name, which was thought to be seen by many in a heraldic video. His appearance wouldn’t be so surprising anyway, as he has repeatedly stated how eager he would be to star in any of the seasons in Star.

Photo: TV2 Press Room

There are also rumors that I will be a star at the Star! met in the first season Feng Ya Ou Ferenc can also return to the screen in the show, but Galambos Dorina his name also arose. The singer became known for another TV2 show, and she was also one of the first Megastar contestants. As for the previously mentioned promotional recording, one of the actors is identified in several ways: there are those who say that he is nothing more than Not a girl, but there are those who Hient, while others Peter Lily he wants to explore in it.