They capture a MIDES employee for the murder of a lawyer

The National Civil Police (PNC) executed the arrest warrant in collaboration with the Public Ministry (MP).

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A woman was arrested in Santa Elena, Peten, accused of being responsible for the murder of lawyer Gustavo Rafael Quixtan Peche.

The lawyer and notary would have been kidnapped in March 2020but his remains were later found with signs of violence in San Andres, Peten.

For this case, Hilary Michelle Brown Monroe y Eddy Joshua Suntecun Lopez They were captured this Thursday in Santa Elena.

worked in the state

The Department of Social Communication Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) confirmed to Soy502 that Moreno Monroy belonged to this entity.

The woman entered the institution in 2016 and was currently the head of social programs in San BenitoPeten.

In addition, the entity respects the judicial process to which the worker is subject.

Moreno Monroy had been working at MIDES since 2016.