They carry out a crusade for Health in the San Francisco sports complex

Ciudad Juárez.- The health services offered by the direction of community centers arrived today with the eighth Crusade for Health to the Fray García neighborhood in San Francisco.

Mayor Cruz Pérez Cuéllar sent a message to the neighbors “the population of Juárez is greater than that of the state of Tlaxcala, that is why it is important to take the services of the Municipality to the entire city; requests continue to arrive, it is not easy but They will continue to serve.”

The head of Community Centers, María Antonieta Mendoza, explained that after a citizen request made to the address, by Mrs. María Limones, representative of the neighborhood committee, the crusade with health services was promoted.

The event was attended by the councilor Ana Estrada, the director of Citizen Services, Hugo Vallejo and the winning boys and girls of La Voz Kids, organized by the Municipality, who offered a show and concert for the neighbors.

With the installation of the five units with health services, a general medical check-up is offered, with medical delivery free of charge, as well as an ophthalmology check-up.

By the unit of the Municipal Pet Adoption and Rescue Center (RAMM), vaccinations, deworming, as well as consultations are applied to dogs and cats.

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