They cleaned the banks of the Eure

This action, offered to CE2/CM1 and CM1 classes at the Mihoue school in Champhol, was organized by the Leroy Merlin store in Chartres. It brought together about fifty students.

The meeting had been set at Little Venice, in Chartres, where a dozen employees from the Leroy Merlin store were waiting for them, under the leadership of Wanda, human resources manager, and William, sales manager.

“Educate young people”

After the distribution of gloves, vests and other materials, the fifty young people dispersed, in teams, on the banks of the Eure and around with the mission of collecting waste for an hour.

“This action aims to raise young people’s awareness of sustainable development. In geography, we study waste, its transformation, the time it takes to disappear in nature, sorting, waste collection centres, dangerous products…”, explained Sabrina and Christine, the two teachers who accompanied the students.

This collection, like a challenge, was carried out in a positive, educational way. To encourage these young people to see things differently, to change their behavior.

The operation, after the essential sorting of the waste collected in this way, ended with a snack.