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Home Entertainment They compare Jenni Rivera's son with Chiquis and they rave reviews (VIDEO)

They compare Jenni Rivera's son with Chiquis and they rave reviews (VIDEO)

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  • The networks went against the son of Jenni Rivera after singing for the first time
  • Johnny Rivera was compared to his sister Chiquis Rivera
  • Users doubted the talent of the children of "La Diva de la Banda"

Johnny Rivera, the youngest son of Jenni Rivera for the first time, went on stage to sing, but users gave him everything and compared him to Chiquis.

On April 11, a very emotional presentation was held where Lupillo Rivera, Jacqie Rivera and other guest musicians were sharing the stage.

The night was full of nostalgia as a lot of fans could not help but remember Jenni Rivera when they saw Jacqie on stage.

However, the atmosphere was filled with more excitement when Johnny Rivera, the youngest son of "La Diva de la Banda" went up to play a song.

During the 'palomazo', Juan Ángel, his real name, brought tennis, denim trousers, sports jacket in wine color with gold, white shirt and a black cap.

During his performance, although there were some notes that were not in tone, the son of Jenni Rivera was very energetic, moving around the stage and making many signs with his hands.

The presentation of Juan Ángel, as he now calls himself, was taken up in various social networks. In the Instagram profile of 'Chamonic', users did not see with good eyes the show that Jenni Rivera's son gave and they expressed themselves in the comments of the users.


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