They condemn her for talking about her neighbor’s sex life on television

The woman will have to pay a fine for talking about someone else’s private life without their consent.

SPAIN.- A woman has been punished with the payment of a fine of almost 236 thousand 77 pesos (10 thousand euros) after to talk to on open television about your neighbor’s sex life.

International media also reported that it was imposed a fine to the channel who gave space to the accused, who while complaining about the sexual activity of her neighbor revealed private details.

“The defendant gives details of expressions that he hears, to the point that given the tone of the questions and answers, the journalist is reminded that they are on children’s hours, “some media pointed out.

What did the defendant say about her neighbor?

It was during a link with a program in Spain called “La Mañana” on RTVE television, in which the woman denounced publicly the “annoying noises” of his neighbor while having sex. The woman who complained about her neighbor provided many details in full live broadcast.

“The nightlife of the neighbor caused things to fall off the shelf, “the accused confessed in an interview broadcast on March 8, 2017. While the reporter explained:” the woman complains about the impossibility of sleeping due to the fieryness of the neighbor. She points out as the cause of the cracks in her address the ‘wiggles that hit’ those from above ”.

After learning of this situation, the one indicated for her sexual activity decided to sue the woman who exposed her on national television.

The complainant is sentenced

The Provincial Court of Salamanca, Spain, issued in a conviction both for the woman who aired the privacy of her neighbor and the RTVE channel that helped injure the honor of a woman, even though her name was not mentioned.

According to Spanish media, the woman who complained is accused of having committed crime of intrusion into your privacy and against his honor, this because although the name was not said, it was perfectly identifiable because in the interview the neighborhood appeared in which the neighbor lived, as well as the street.


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