They confirm the participation of a young man in the murder of his mother and sister


Douglas Ricodirector of the Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations, confirmed this Tuesday the participation of Jonathan Jehozmar Palacios Tovar in the robbery and murder of his mother and sister in Carabobo, on September 17.

Rico detailed on social media that Palacios Tovar planned the robbery at his mother’s home for a month. The day of the incident, the victims went out to a party, so the young man contacted his friend Jesús Antonio Piamo Pulido, alias Gatico, 19 years old, to help him.

However, Ashley Ninoska Leal Tovar, 22, a fourth-year medical student, and Martha Tovar Sánchez, 53, returned to the house a few hours later and the two men were still inside the property.

Palacios Tovar, realizing the situation, left the site to divert the attention of his mother and sister, leaving Piamo Pulido in the house, who, when trying to leave, was discovered by Ashley.

«The young woman wanted to escape from her attacker, but her action was unsuccessful and she was shot multiple times by the man. Her mother, hearing her detonations, came to help her, but she was also killed, “said Rico.

Palacios Tovar returned to the house, aboard a motorcycle, to look for Piamo Pulido and help him escape from the siege. Later, he returned to the home to undermine the police work.

Tovar Sánchez and his daughter had bullet wounds in the frontal and parietal regions.

Recurring robberies and attempted poisoning

The director of the Cicpc assured that Palacios Tovar constantly entered the house where his mother and sister lived to steal valuables and sell them for illicit profit.

During the investigation work, it was also learned that he had tried to poison them some time ago.

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Until now, the whereabouts of Piamo Pulido are unknown. It is presumed that this young man knew Tovar Sánchez’s home because he had done various masonry jobs.

The case was left to the order of the First Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Carabobo state.

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